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Handbook of Marketing Scales

Handbook of Marketing Scales
Multi-Item Measures for Marketing and Consumer Behavior Research

Third Edition
Edited by:

January 2011 | 624 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The Handbook of Marketing Scales, Third Edition represents a clear, concise, and easy-to-use compilation of multi-item, self-report measures developed and/or frequently used in consumer behavior and marketing research.

- Over 150 scales are included in the handbook. Many of these scales were originally published in marketing- and consumer-related journals or conference proceedings. Including them in one volume helps reduce the time it takes to locate instruments for survey research.

- Scales included have a reasonable theoretical base, are developed within the marketing or consumer behavior literature, are composed of several items or questions, use some scaling procedures, and include estimates of reliability and/or validity, making these scales especially relevant and "proven" for marketing scholars and professionals.

- Each scale includes the following information so that users can quickly and easily learn about the scale: construct, description, development, samples, validity, scores, sources, other evidence, other sources, references, and scale items.

1. Introduction
Criteria for Scale Deletions/Additions

Search Procedures

Format of the Book and Presentation of Measures

Caveats and Cautions

Evaluation of Measures


Construct Validity

Other Issues to Consider



2. Traits and Individual Difference Variables
Scales Related to Interpersonal Orientation, Needs/Preferences, and Self-Concept

Scales Related to Consumer Compulsiveness and Impulsiveness

Scales Related to Country Image and Affiliation

Scales Related to Consumer Opinion Leadership and Opinion Seeking

Scales Related to Innovativeness

Scales Related to Consumer Social Influence

3. Values and Goals
General Values

Appendix to General Values

Values Related to Environmentalism and Socially Responsible Consumption

Values Related to Materialism and Possessions/Objects

Appendix to Materialism and Possessions/Objects

Values Related to Goal Orientations and Planning

4. Involvement, Information Processing, and Affect
Involvement General to Several Product Classes

Purchasing Involvement

Scales Related to Information Processing: Optimal Stimulation Measures

Scales Related to Processing Style

Scales Related to Affect

5. Reactions to Marketing Stimuli
Measures Related to Ad Emotions and Ad Content

Measures Related to Brand/Product Responses and Shopping Styles

Measures Related to Pricing Responses

6. Attitudes About the Performance of Business Firms, Satisfaction and Post-Purchase Behavior, Social Agencies, and the Marketplace
Consumer Attitudes Toward Business Practices and Marketing

Scales Related to Post- Purchase Behavior: Consumer Discontent

Business Attitudes Toward the Marketplace

7. Sales, Sales Management, Organizational Behavior, and Interfirm-Intrafirm Issues
Job Satisfaction Measures

Role Perceptions/Conflict

Job Burnout/Tension

Performance Measures

Control and Leadership

Organizational Commitment

Sales/Selling Approaches

Inter-/Intrafirm Issues of Influence and Power

Other Measures Related to Interfirm Issues


About the Editors

This is a handbook of scales that are used in empirical marketing and consumer behaviour research. In seven chapters, this third edition mirrors the six major areas of marketing mix and consumer behaviour variables as well as a general introduction. The six areas are: (1) traits and individual difference variables; (2) values and goals; (3) involvement, information processing, and affect; (4) reactions to marketing stimuli; (5) attitudes about the performance of business firms, satisfaction and post-purchase behaviour, social agencies, and the mar- ketplace; and (6) sales, sales management, organizational behaviour, and interfirm–intrafirm issues. For each scale, the following information is provided: construct, description, and development of the scale, the samples used in development, validity, scores, source, and references and last but not least, the actual scale items and dimensions to which they belong.

Prof. Dr. Lucia A. Reisch
Book Review Editor, Journal of Consumer Policy

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