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Handbook of Physical Education

Handbook of Physical Education

Edited by:
  • David Kirk - Queen Margaret College, Scotland, Society for Peace, Security and Development Studies, Allahabad, India
  • Doune Macdonald - University of Queensland, Australia
  • Mary O'Sullivan - University of Limerick, Ireland

September 2006 | 864 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
`This is simply the physical education book of its time. The editors must be congratulated on bringing together so many quality authors from so many different parts of the world. As a handbook, it represents how far the study of physical education has moved forward in recent times. What we have is a clear portrayal of physical education at the start of the 21st century' - Mike Jess, University of Edinburgh

`This Handbook is a "must read" for all physical educators who are serious about understanding their subject and developing their practices. The list of authors involved reads like a "who's who"' of physical education at a global level - the editors are to be commended on bringing together such collective expertise - this is a key strength of the book. The Handbook successfully expresses a view of knowledge about physical education pedagogy which embraces different research traditions and emerging areas of interest across the global scholarly community' - Jo Harris, Loughborough University

`This comprehensive and eclectic exploration into the field of physical education draws on the vast expertise of its renowned international contributors with astounding results. The Handbook of Physical Education serves to firmly reinstate physical education to its position as the core discipline of sport and exercise science. The Handbook is destined to become an indispensable academic resource for scholars, students and enthusiasts of physical education for years to come' - Pilvikki Heikinaro-Johansson, University of Jyväskylä

What is the current condition of the field of physical education? How has it adapted to the rise of kinesiology, sport and exercise science and human movement studies over the last thirty years?

This Handbook provides an authoritative critical overview of the field and identifies future challenges and directions.

The Handbook is divided in to six parts:

- Perspectives and Paradigms in Physical Education Pedagogy Research;

- Cross-disciplinary Contributions to Research on Physical Education;

- Learners and Learning in Physical Education;

- Teachers, Teaching and Teacher Education in Physical Education;

- Physical Education Curriculum;

- Difference and Diversity in Physical Education.

This benchmark work is essential reading for educators and students in the field of physical education.

Phillip Ward
The Philosophy, Science and Application of Behaviour Analysis in Physical Education
Clive Pope
Interpretive Perspectives in Physical Education Research
José Devís-Devís
Socially Critical Research Perspectives in Physical Education
Jan Wright
Physical Education Research from Postmodern, Poststructural and Postcolonial Perspectives
Lynda M. Nilges
Feminist Strands, Perspectives and Methodology for Research in Physical Education
William J. Morgan
Philosophy and Physical Education
John Evans and Brian Davies
The Sociology of Physical Education
Murray G. Phillips and Alexander Paul Roper
History of Physical Education
Cathy Lirgg
Social Psychology and Physical Education
Stewart G. Trost
Public Health and Physical Education
Hans van der Mars
Time and Learning in Physical Education
Peter A. Hastie and Daryl Siedentop
The Classroom Ecology Paradigm
Melinda Solmon
Learner Cognition
Inez Rovegno and John P. Dolly
Constructivist Perspectives on Learning
Inez Rovegno
Situated Perspectives on Learning
Rachel Sandford and Emma Rich
Learners and Popular Culture
Natalie Wallian and Ching Wei Chang
Development and Learning of Motor Skill Competencies
Peter J. Hay
Assessment for Learning in Physical Education
Ben Dyson
Students' Perspectives of Physical Education
Chantal Amade-Escot
Student Learning within the Didactique Tradition
Richard Tinning
Theoretical Orientations in Physical Education Teacher Education
Connie Collier
Models and Curricula of Physical Education Teacher Education
Daniël Behets and Lieven Vergauwen
Learning to Teach in the Field
Sandra A. Stroot and Bomna Ko
Induction of Beginning Physical Educators into the School Setting
Mark Byra
Teaching Styles and Inclusive Pedagogies
Kathleen M. Armour
The Way to a Teacher's Heart
Narrative Research in Physical Education

Niki Tsangaridou
Teachers' Beliefs
Niki Tsangaridou
Teachers' Knowledge
Pierre Trudel and Wade Gilbert
Coaching and Coach Education
Patt Dodds
Physical Education Teacher Education (PE/TE) Policy
Dawn Penney
Curriculum Construction and Change
Lisa Hunter
Research into Elementary Physical Education Programs
Gary D. Kinchin
Sport Education
A View of the Research

Don Hellison and Tom Martinek
Social and Individual Responsibility Programs
Judy Oslin and Stephen Mitchell
Game-centred Approaches to Teaching Physical Education
Kristine de Martelaer and Marc Theeboom
Physical Education and Youth Sport
Gregory J. Welk, Joey C. Eisenmann and James Dollman
Health-related Physical Activity in Children and Adolescents
A Bio-Behavioural Perspective

Mike Brown
Adventure Education and Physical Education
Ralph Buck
Teaching Dance in the Curriculum
Gill Clarke
Sexuality and Physical Education
Louis Harrison Jr. and Don Belcher
Race and Ethnicity in Physical Education
Hayley Fitzgerald
Disability and Physical Education
Anne Flintoff and Shiela Scraton
Girls and Physical Education
Michael Gard
More Art than Science? Boys, Masculinities and Physical Education Research
John Evans and Brian Davies
Social Class and Physical Education

`This is simply the physical education book of its time. The editors must be congratulated on bringing together so many quality authors from so many different parts of the world. As a handbook, it represents how far the study of physical education has moved forward in recent times. What we have is a clear portrayal of physical education at the start of the 21st century' - Mike Jess, University of Edinburgh

"Inclusive and international in scope, the volume collects essays by contributors from around the world who work in education, dance, kinesiology, physical education and related fields."

Book News

An excellent resource, with a wide range of subjects included. Gives students an understanding of the key aspects, with opportunities to explore further

Mr Nathan Price
Sport, Public Services and Travel, Birmingham Metropolitan College
April 23, 2015

A text for students to 'dip into' to extend their knowledge of some important and relevant aspects of research and literature in Physical Education. It will support the students emerging understanding of physical education pedagogy.

Mrs Alison Carney
Department of Childhood Studies, Canterbury Christ Church University
October 21, 2013

This book is the best handbook for any student or scholar of physical education. Each of the six sections provides a clearly written insight into the current/contemporary issues as they relate to physical education. I would endorse and echo the comments made by the reviewers which appear on the back cover of the text. I think that the paperback version provides excellent value for money and I have noticed that those students who have engaged with the contents of the handbook have been able to contribute to seminar and tutorials in very informed and insightful ways. I hope that there will be a second edition in the near future as there are developments in education across the globe that could be reflected in the next edition which would aid the scholarship and understanding of physical education.

Mr Andrew Horrell
Physical Education , Edinburgh University
August 11, 2013

Very Good diverse book with a fantastic range of authors

Mr Michael Hobson
School of Education, St Mary's University College Twickenham
August 5, 2013

well documented and set out presentation
comprehensive coverage of wide ranging areas for consideration
will be able to contribute to a range of modules studied across the degree programme

Nicky Jones
Faculty of Education, University of St Mark & St John
June 17, 2013

A key supplementary textbook for Level 6 students. A detailed critical analysis of PE on a global level.

Miss Lisa Binney
Faculty of Sport Business & Enterprise, Southampton Solent University
May 16, 2013

If students were to be recommended only purchasing one book for their whole course, it would be this one. It is relevant to every single module across all three years of the degree. It is relevant to M Level and PhD. Even though the chapters (articles) are all available elsewhere, it is the collected nature that makes it an essential purchase. From history, philosophy, different research paradigms through to teachers' beliefs and knowledge, and onto gender and disability. There is something of interest here to every PE scholar. One of the best handbooks I have come across in any discipline.

Alan Thomson
Department of Sport and Physical Education (Ormski, Edge Hill University
April 22, 2013

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