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Handbook of Strategic Alliances

Handbook of Strategic Alliances

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October 2005 | 488 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The Handbook of Strategic Alliances covers the state of art of research on strategic alliances and serves to lay out a research agenda on collaborative strategy and alliance management. Leading scholars in the field chart the alliance literature, its evolution, current state, and future course. The handbook covers the theoretical foundations that guide work on inter-firm collaboration, ranging from sociological perspectives to real options theory to diverse traditions within organizational economics. It proceeds to open the "black boxes" of alliance management across the life-cycle phases as well as functional spectrum, addressing topics such as contracting, design choices, and interorganizational trust, as well as the neglected areas of organization behavior and human resource management. An in-depth look at cross-border alliances is then followed by an examination of new alliance forms in the new economy, entrepreneurial networks, and collaborations between for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. The handbook concludes by examining methodological issues and addresses the prospect for interdisciplinary research.

Features and Benefits:

Brings together the leading scholars and practitioners from around the globe. Provides direct interface with functional areas (strategy, OB, HRM, entrepreneurship) in an integrated way; Links theory and practice

Has separate treatment (section) devoted to cross-border alliances

Has separate treatment (section) of research methodologies

Examination of non-traditional alliances, attention to research methodologies for alliances, breath of coverage on theoretical foundations

I. Introduction to Strategic Alliances
Oded Shenkar and Jeffrey J. Reuer
1. The Alliance Puzzle: Known Terrain, Black Boxes, and the Road Ahead
II. Theoretical Foundations
Mark Casson and Michael J. Mol
2. Strategic Alliances: A Survey of Issues from an Entrepreneurial Perspective
Benjamin Gomes-Casseres
3. How Alliances Reshape Competition
Yadong Luo
4. Opportunism in Cooperative Alliances: Conditions and Solutions
Prashant Kale and Maurizio Zollo
5. Understanding Partnering Processes and Outcomes: The Contribution of Evolutionary Theory
Anju Seth and Tailan Chi
6. What Does a Real Options Perspective Add to the Understanding of Strategic Alliances?
Gordon Walker
7. Networks of Strategic Alliances
III. Alliance Management: Opening the "Black Boxes"
Stephen Tallman and Anupama Phene
8. Structuring and Restructuring Alliances: A Theory-Based Process Model
Africa Ariño and Jeffrey J. Reuer
9. Alliance Contractual Design
Akbar Zaheer and Jared Harris
10. Interorganizational Trust
Kwok Leung and Steven White
11. Exploring Dark Corners: An Agenda for Organizational Behavior Research in Alliance Contexts
Randall S. Schuler and Ibraiz Tarique
12. Alliance Forms and Human Resources Issues
Marjorie A. Lyles and Siegfried P. Gudergan
13. Learning and Knowledge Development in Alliances
IV. Cross-Border Collaborations
Andrew Delios
14. Alliances and International Business Theory
Piero Morosini
15. Nurturing Successful Alliances Across Boundaries
Jaideep Anand and Prashant Kale
16. International Joint Ventures in Emerging Economies: Past Drivers and Emerging Trends
V. Nontraditional Strategic Alliances
Lalit Manral and Kathryn Rudie Harrigan
17. Alliances in the New Economy
R. Duane Ireland, Michael A. Hitt, and Justin W. Webb
18. Entrepreneurial Alliances and Networks
Ted London, Dennis A. Rondinelli, and Hugh O'Neill
19. Strange Bedfellows: Alliances Between Corporations and Nonprofits
VI. Alliance Research Methodologies
Arvind Parkhe
20. Research Methods in Alliances
Jane Salk and Davina Vora
21. Research Outside the "Core": Opportunities in Alternative Approaches and Methods for Studying Cooperative Alliances
Paul Olk
22. Modeling and Measuring the Performance of Alliances
Mark de Rond and Sonja Marjanovic
23. The Legitimacy of Messiness: Interdisciplinary Research, Systems of Innovation, and Strategic Alliances
About the Editors
About the Authors

"This collection covers state-of-the-art research on strategic alliances and serves to pave the road for future alliances research. Little is understood about the specific managerial challenges involved in establishing and operating alliances, from their inital set up, and throughout their life cycle. This handbook is intended to fill the gap by looking inside some of the 'black boxes' that have been acknowledged in the alliance literature, but seldom opened."

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