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Handbook of Tribal Politics in India

Handbook of Tribal Politics in India

Edited by:
  • Jagannath Ambagudia - Dean, School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Guwahati Campus, Assam
  • Virginius Xaxa - formerly Professor at Delhi School of Economics, New Delhi

December 2020 | 596 pages | SAGE India
Handbook of Tribal Politics in India is undoubtedly the most authoritative source for a systematic and comprehensive study of this vibrant field of scholarship. Divided into three sections, the chapters cover a broad range of themes ranging from a general introduction to tribal politics to exploring contemporary issues and concerns within the discipline.

The book presents a trajectory and authentic overview of tribal politics while keeping in mind the changing relationship between tribal communities and democracy. Using qualitative and quantitative data, it studies the role of tribal political representatives in public policy-making, issues related to communities, and the nature and dynamics of tribal politics at the state and national levels. It explores the patterns, conditions and challenges of tribes’ participation in electoral politics and presents the issues and agendas that will continue to affect the tribal politics in future.

This book is an essential resource for teaching and research in political science and other social science disciplines studying comparative political dimensions.
Jagannath Ambagudia and Virginius Xaxa
Introduction: Situating Tribal Politics in India
SECTION I Genealogy of Tribal Politics in India
Virginius Xaxa
Tribal Politics in India: From Movement to Institutionalism
SECTION II Tribal Politics at the National Level
Jagannath Ambagudia
Scheduled Tribes, Reserved Constituencies and Political Reservation in India
Valerian Rodrigues
Democracy’s Ghettos: Adivasi Leadership in India
Samar Bosu Mullick
Indigenous Peoples and Electoral Politics in India: An Experience of Incompatibility
Sasmita Mohanty
Gender and Tribal Politics in India
Ramachandra Guha
Adivasis, Naxalites and Indian Democracy
Kamal Nayan Choubey
Adivasi Issues and Election Manifestos of National Political Parties
Parliament Rupak Kumar
Political Representation and Policy-Making: Role of Tribal MPs in Indian
SECTION III Tribal Politics at the State Level
Venkatesh Vaditya
Political Accommodation and Tribal Electoral Politics in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana
Nani Bath
Democracy with a Difference: Tribal Politics in Arunachal Pradesh
Suryasikha Pathak
Tribal Politics in Assam: 1933-1947
Himani Ramchiary
Transitional Political Environment: Bodos and Tribal Politics in Assam
Bipin Jojo and H. Beck
Tribes and Electoral Politics in Chhattisgarh: Alternative Sites of Assertion
N. Rajaram and Ashvin Vasava
Tribal Politics in Gujarat
Mini Pathak Dogra
Tribal Politics in Himachal Pradesh: Issues and Concerns
Subeno Kithan
Gujjars and Tribal Politics in Jammu and Kashmir
Sujit Kumar
Tribal Identity and Governance in State Politics of Jharkhand
Pradeep Ramvath J.
Political Intersectionality and Tribal Politics in Karnataka
Abhilash T.
Political Articulations of Adivasis in Kerala
Sudha Pai
Emerging Pattern of Tribal Politics in Madhya Pradesh
Pandurang Bhoye
Tribal Politics in Maharashtra
Joseph Riamei
The Politics of Tribal Representation in Manipur
Bodhi S. R.
Khasi Political Reality and the Struggle for Statehood: History, Context and Political Processes
Moses Kharbithai
Tribal Politics and New Electoral Directions in Meghalaya
P. Lalpekhlui
Tribal Politics and Non-State Actors in Mizoram
Jelle J. P. Wouters
The Debris of Democracy in Nagaland
Jagannath Ambagudia
Tribes and Electoral Politics in Odisha
Tikendra K. Chhettry and Sanghamitra Choudhury
Politics of Tribalisation and Contested Space in Sikkim
R. K. Debbarma
Tribal Politics in Tripura: A Spatial Perspective
A. K. Verma
Revisiting Tribal Discourse in Uttar Pradesh
Nilamber Chhetri
Tribal Politics in West Bengal: Quest for Identity and Recognition

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