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Hot Tips for Speakers

Hot Tips for Speakers
Surefire Ways to Engage and Captivate Any Group or Audience

June 2008 | 112 pages | Corwin
Formerly published by Zephyr PressInvaluable for anyone who leads classes, workshops, meetings, or group presentations, this resource provides reader-friendly tips for capturing audience attention and boosting involvement. Readers can quickly learn about the strategiesùranging from simple to sophisticatedùand begin using them immediately to enhance group rapport and maximize learning situations.
1. Project Confidence
2. Enter Their Space
3. Hold Eye Conversations
4. Invite Questions Wth an Upward Palm
5. Use Modality-Specific Language
6. Whisper
7. Pause
8. Crest the Wave
9. Do the Ninja
10. Hang the Flip Charts
11. Post Truth Signs
12. Share Autobiographic Metaphors
13. Walk to Remember
14. Ignore the First Hand
15. Memorize Names
16. Acknowledge Participants
17. Take Care of Number 1
18. Enhance Learning Through Music
19. Use Props
20. Set the Stage
21. Surf the Unexpected Wave
22. Conquer the Fear
23. Keep Pruning
Balance Gum and Chewing
Make Cheat Sheets
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