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How to be a Successful Teacher

How to be a Successful Teacher
Strategies for Personal and Professional Development

First Edition
  • Paul Castle - Formerly of University of Worcester, UK
  • Scott Buckler - Independent Academic, Teacher, Chartered Psychologist

October 2009 | 232 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Teaching is a rewarding, yet demanding profession, one in which a person needs to be fully prepared. This book focuses on the applied psychological skills, strategies and resources, which will help to ensure you are equipped with personal and professional expertise to survive in the classroom. In the book you will find:

- An overview of important psychological themes within teaching such as confidence, motivation and self esteem

- Explorations of physical issues related to successful psychological functioning, such as fitness and nutrition

- Advice and activities which will show you how to learn and use psychological skills and techniques directly

Readily accessible to a wide audience, including internationally, the book assumes no prior knowledge of psychology. The authors give specific examples taken from a diverse range of professional situations, always with relevant theoretical underpinning, and the structure allows you to dip in and out of chapters and sections.

The text provides support to students on teacher training courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. It will also help teachers in their formative professional years.

About the authors
How to use this book
The morning bell: another day begins! Introduction
What was I saying? Concentration and attention
What am I doing here? Motivation
I can't do it! Confidence and self-esteem
I can't cope! Emotion, mood and stress
Flexibility for action! Adapting to change
Fitness to Teach: A healthy body equals a healthy mind - Nutrition, hydration and health
I have 101 things to do…what do I attempt first? Goal setting
Take a 'break': Relaxation
Is talking to yourself the first sign of 'madness'? Self-talk and cognitive restructuring
Is hallucinating the second sign of 'madness'? Mental imagery
When the going gets tough…! Mental resilience
The final bell… the journey begins

Engaging and lively writing style which gets to the heart of students' preoccupations in the early days of both training and teaching.

Elaine Pattison
Department of Education, Newman College
November 9, 2011

It deals with qualified teachers development, which will be useful for students who are about to take up their NQT post within school.

Mrs Suzanne Strawford
School of Education, Newman University College
October 21, 2011

a practical book focusing on the psychological themes relevant to teaching as well as exploring the psysiological issues influencing learning and teaching

Dr Praxoulla Rameshwar
FHSCS, Kingston University
September 26, 2011

How to be a Successful Teacher will be useful to students to help them understand the pressures of teaching. This text will reassure them that their anxieties are common. They can then use the practical strategies offered here to help them cope successfully

Ms Julia O'Kelly
Education, Chichester University
February 17, 2011

I especially liked the early emphasis on thepsychological aspects of teaching - higly relevant for reflection within DLTA module

PCET ITT, Sheffield Hallam University
January 13, 2011

the book informed lectures how to be an inclusive teacher, whilst keeping the learners on track at all times.
other lectures have gone ahead and purchased this book for their own reference

Mrs Karen Cooke
health and social care, Bolton Community College
December 3, 2010

well written text - certainly will enhance many student's understanding of the subject and of improving their classroom practice

Mr Andrew Holmes
Centre for Life-Long Learning, Hull University
October 14, 2010

This book has some minor uses for this course - only in that it is aimed at preparation of general teachers and this course is about preparation of mentors in practice. It will be useful as supplemental materials for teaching.

Ms Susan Hopkins
School of Nursing and Primary Care Practice, Liverpool John Moores University
April 12, 2010

This is the kind of book that ought to be a graduation present for all teachers finishing teacher training and for all teachers who are finding the going tough. It is packed with useful, practical ideas to help teachers keep sane in busy times i.e. all of them! Although stongly flavoured with self evaluation and reflection, it's so much better than the usual run-of-the-mill self-help psycho-babble available. Counsellors in education would also find this book valuable.

Mr Owen Tuckett
Education , Kingston College
February 10, 2010

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