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Human Inquiry in Action

Human Inquiry in Action
Developments in New Paradigm Research

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October 1988 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
An important practical sourcebook for new ways of undertaking research, this volume presents both an up-to-date assessment of the state of theoretical and methodological debates in collaborative human research and a summary of projects undertaken using collaborative methodologies. It addresses some of the difficulties involved with the collaborative approach: when the researcher is no longer separated from the researched, questions about how to collaborate and how to manage power relations become important. When people are inquiring into their personal experience, questions of subjectivity and validity are raised. These methodological problems are addressed in the first half of the book, while the remainder resolves them in research contexts.
Peter Reason
Peter Reason
The Co-operative Inquiry Group
John Heron
Validity in Co-operative Inquiry
Peter Hawkins
A Phenomenological Psychodrama Workshop
Peter Reason and Peter Hawkins
Storytelling as Inquiry
Peter Reason
Whole Person Medical Practice
Marja-Liisa Swantz and Arja Vainio-Mattila
Participatory Inquiry as an Instrument of Grass-roots Development
Robert Krim
Managing to Learn
Action Inquiry in City Hall

Ian Cunningham
Interactive Holistic Research
Researching Self Managed Learning

John Heron
Impressions of the Other Reality
a Co-operative Inquiry into Altered States of Consciousness

Judi Marshall and Adrian McLean
Reflection in Action
Exploring Organizational Culture

Peter Reason

`a significant and stunning contribution to the growing literature on new paradigm research... New paradigm inquiry is finally and ineluctably producing a literature of its own as powerful and persuasive as that which exists for conventional, positivism inquiry. Reason's new book will be a major building-block of that body of methodological and case study literature. For its careful definitions, its methodological deliberations and its exemplars, its utility will be likely long-lived' - Yvonna S Lincoln, Associate Professor, Vanderbilt University

`a very exciting book, which will be of great interest to all those who are involved in new paradigm research, and all those who may be sceptical about it' - John Rowan, Self & Society

`As an example of practical epistemology, this work is refreshing. It is down to earth, politically motivated and applied. It is about collaborative research inquiry with and for people, and the development of an alternative methodology for research in the social sciences.... worth reading' - Metascience

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