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Human Rights and Peace

Human Rights and Peace
Ideas, Laws, Institutions and Movements

First Edition
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January 2009 | 364 pages | SAGE India
Human Rights and Peace: Ideas, Laws, Institutions and Movements redefines the ambit of peace, presenting a radically different perspective of looking at its relationship with human rights. It deals with the transformation of both the definition and practice of peace, showing how it has now taken the domain of human rights into its fold.

Through experiential articles on the themes of ideas, laws, institutions, and movements, this collection reveals how people's struggles against specific forms of institutionalised violence take the form of calls for 'peace'. It brings together hitherto unpublished writings on peace and human rights. It also includes some rare articles extracted from landmark published pieces.

This book is an insightful resource for students and researchers of Peace Studies, Human Rights, Politics, and International Relations. It is also an invaluable idea bank for activists, think tanks and policy makers who seek to understand the evolving paradigm of peace and human rights.

Ujjwal Kumar Singh
Human Rights and Peace: An Introduction
Anupama Roy
Director-General of UNESCO
Declaration on the Right of Peoples to Peace
Ranabir Samaddar
In Life, In Death
Uma Chakravarti
Archiving Disquiet: Feminist Praxis and the Nation-State
Gopal Guru
Democracy in Search of Dignity
Manoranjan Mohanty
On Liberation: Biography of a Consciousness
Bikram Jeet Batra
Ujjwal Kumar Singh
POTA and Beyond: The Silent Erosion
Paula Banerjee
Gendered Face of Extraordinary Powers in North-East India
People's Union for Democratic Rights
Dalit Lynching at Dulina: Cow-Protection, Caste and Communalism
Independent Citizens' Initiative
War in the Heart of India
Pamela Philipose
Borders in the Mind, Bangladeshis: a Nowhere Policy for a Nowhere People
Ajay Gudavarthy
Ram Manohar Lohia
The Concept of Civil Liberties
Randhir Singh
Terrorism, State Terrorism and Democratic Rights
Ajay Gudavarthy
Human Rights Movement(s) in India: State, Civil Society and Beyond
Ram Narayan Kumar
Reduced to Ashes: The Insurgency and Human Rights in Punjab
Ashok Aggarwal
The Punjab Mass Cremations Case: A Postscript
Mario Gomes
National Human Rights Commissions and Internally Displaced Persons: The Sri Lankan Experience
Consolidated Bibliography

Human Rights and Peace, fourth in the South Asian Peace Studies series, is a useful contribution to the expanding body of literature on the subject…This volume is a timely contribution, both to the theoretical literature on peace studies, and to empirical practices of civil liberties and human rights movements. It also has the potential to inform policy on the design and working of state institutions promoting rights and deepening democracy…This volume both catalogues and describes those multiple struggles, and locates them in the context of established concepts of human rights and peace.

Pacific Affairs

The book contains powerful accounts of the human rights challenges in the South Asian region; wars and conflicts, inter-ethnic disputes, the plight of displaced persons and the terror of extra-judicial killings and apparently state-sponsored violence.

Peace and Conflict Studies: Journal of Peace Psychology

This is a timely volume of essays, significant in the context of the present times of unprecedented turmoil and a stealthy erosion of the rights and liberties of an ever-increasing majority, who as the  editor rightly points out, continue to be rendered ‘ rightless’, even amidst an ever-expanding range of human rights instruments and laws. This collection of essays paints a broad canvas of the multifaceted interplay of rights and peace and underscores the inextricable link between the two.

The Book Review

This book is an insightful resource for students and researchers of peace studies, human rights, politics and international relations. It s also an invaluable idea bank for activists, think tanks and policy makers who seek to understand the evolving paradigm of peace and human rights.

The Tribune

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