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Human Sexuality

Human Sexuality
Personality and Social Psychological Perspectives

  • Craig A. Hill - Indiana University-Purdue University at Fort Wayne

October 2007 | 576 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Written to promote the development of students' critical thinking and analytical abilities through the analysis of theory and evidence concerning sexuality, this book covers topics typically covered in human sexuality courses (anatomy, physiology, gender, love and relationships, development, reproductive issues, disorders) but from a psychological perspective.
1. The Study of Sexuality
The Need for the Scholarly Study of Sexuality  
The Predominant Views Used in This Book  
The Nature of Theory and Understanding in Science  
Historical Factors in the Scientific Investigation of Sexuality  
2. Sexuality in a Historical, Religious, and Philosophical Context
The Historical Analysis of Sexuality  
The Centrality of Religion in Attitudes about Sexuality  
3. The Historical Course of Sexuality
Western Civilization Prior to the 20th Century  
The Great Depression (1930-1939)  
World War II and the Atomic Age (1940-1949)  
A Return to the Past: The New Traditionalism (1950-1959)  
New Frontiers (1960-1969)  
The Seventies: The Walls Come Tumbling Down (1970-1979)  
The Conservative Counter-Reaction (1980 to Recent Times)  
Conclusions About the Historical Course of Sexuality  
4. The Scientific Study of Sexuality
Early Scientific Research on Sexuality  
Collecting Scientific Information on Sexuality  
Evaluating the Quality of Measurement  
Methods of Collecting Data  
Ethics and Scientific Research with Humans  
5. The Person: Individuality and Sexuality
The Personal Meaning of Sexuality  
The Personality Psychology of Sexuality  
6. Gender and Sexuality
The Concepts of Sex and Gender  
Aspects of Gender  
7. The Sexual Self and Sexual Identity
The Social Nature of the Self  
Sexual Identity  
8. Sexual Motivation, Arousal, and Attraction
Sexual Motivation  
Factors Affecting Attractiveness of Partners  
9. Love, Intimacy, and Sexuality
Romantic Relationships  
The Development of Intimate Relationships  
Theoretical Views of Love and Sexuality  
10. Relationships and Sexuality
The Path That Relationships Usually Follow  
Sexuality Within Long-Term Committed Relationships  
Sexuality Outside of Traditional Relationships  
11. Ethnicity, Race, Culture, and Sexuality
The Concepts of Race and Ethnicity  
Sexuality and Ethnicity  
12. The Biopsychology of Sexuality
The Nervous System  
The Endocrine System  
Control of Sex Hormone Production by the Brain  
The Role of Sex Hormones in Prenatal Development  
Biological Factors Involved in Sexuality  
13. Sexuality in the Early Years and Adolescence
Development During Infancy  
Development During Childhood  
14. Adulthood: Challenges and Decisions
Challenges of Young Adulthood  
Establishing Sexual Orientation  
Romantic Relationships  
Establishing a Family  
Midlife and Beyond  
Author Biography

"Author Craig Hill has created a comprehensive text unique in its approach to the literature on sexuality and relationship status, biological factors affecting specific aspects of sexuality, and adult sexual decision-making. This text successfully communicates psychological theories and theory-guided research while maintaining its appeal to undergraduates. Moreover, the material is inclusive in its consideration of research on gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity and race. Craig Hill's Human Sexuality is a vital tool to any faculty member teaching a course in human sexuality."

Gabie Smith
Elon Univeristy

"Although intended as a textbook, this accessible book could as well serve in an academic collection as a useful source of background material for a variety of readers." 


W.P. Anderson
University of Missouri

It was the best text that I found that combined gender and sexuality from a psychological perspective. I was however disappointed in the lack of recent references as it is published in 2007. My students felt the treatment of LBGTQ issues was old-fashioned harkening to the deviant days of years past. Is there a new edition on the horizon?

Dr Ann M Peiffer
Psychology Dept, Mars Hill College
February 9, 2016

I found 'Human Sexuality' to be an excellent textbook. My students have embraced the context's of it's pages which were facilitated during their module Universal Issues in Counselling: Sexuality.

Mrs Gisela Oates
Gisela Oates Faculty Office, PCI College
September 17, 2014

As not many lectures go into this matter in great depth (within the module), this is an excellent text for any student to read outside of the framework of the lectures. This is especially the case if working on essays or dissertations related to sexuality. A thorough assessment of human sexuality is given and there is a mass of research and references provided for the reader to use to their advantage and follow up.

Mr Cal Cooper
Division of Psychology, Northampton University
April 27, 2014

Hill's Human Sexuality text is comprehensive in including LGBTQI-2S, as well as race, ethnicity, religion, class, and immigration. It offers a multiplicity of psychological theories and their intersection with human sexuality. Additionally Dr. Hill provides extensive opportunity for readers to engage critically with the material as well as highlight areas of needed research.

Professor Monique LeSarre
Sch of Professional Psychology/Sch of Undergraduate Studies, California Institution of Integral Studies
August 24, 2012


Dr Sue Churchill
Psychology , Chichester University
June 7, 2012

This book is a useful and comprehensive introduction to understanding the complexity of sexuality.

Ms Sandy Nelson
Public Health and Primary Care, Thames Valley University
November 9, 2011

“Human Sexuality” offers an appealing synthesis of the social, bio- and differential psychological aspects of sex research. Its additional focus on developmental psychological ascendants, the cultural and/or religious contexts and a historical course of human sexuality makes it stand out favorably from other volumes about this topic.

Furthermore, it shouldn’t go unmentioned that “Human sexuality” is a very student-friendly and learner-oriented book that’s fun to work with, thanks to its numerous exercises, real life examples and attractive pictures. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in an overview of the different facets of sex research and the empirical knowledge researchers in this field have gathered throughout the last decades.

Ms Sara Jahnke
Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, Dresden University of Technology
June 30, 2011

This book is useful for practitioners to extend their understanding of the wide and complex issues in sexual health.

Mrs Dawn Sheriff
Faculty of Health and Social Care, The UNIVERSITY OF HULL
April 1, 2011

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