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IMechE Archive 1847-1998

IMechE logoThe IMechE Archive: 1847–1998 gives you direct access to over 200,000 pages of unique material, including technical papers, obituaries, works visits, meeting reports, technical drawings, and editorial comment, all covering some of the most influential and innovative years of engineering development.


For an overview of the titles that make up the Archive, please view the timeline or view the 2019 title list

The IMechE Proceedings Archive contains seminal papers and key articles by leading engineers from those revolutionary 150 years, including:

  • ‘On the fallacies of the rotary engine’ – George Stephenson, 1848
  • ‘Description of the compound steam turbine and turbo-electric generator’– Charles Algernon Parsons, 1888
  • 'The flying machine: the aerofoil in the light of theory and experiment’– Frederick William Lanchester, 1915
  • 'Atomic projectiles and their applications’ – Ernest Rutherford, 1932
  • ‘The early history of the Whittle jet propulsion gas turbine’ – Frank Whittle, 1945
  • 'The possibilities of nuclear energy for heat and power production’– John Douglas Cockcroft, 1947
  • ‘Concorde in Service’ – W J Strang and R M McKinley, 1978

In the Archive you can uncover some fascinating surprises.
For example, a paper on the first European chocolate wrapping machine (1936), a report of the meeting where Henry Ford was awarded the James Watt International Medal (1938), and an article where the layout, site, and apparatus of the London Television Station are illustrated for the first time (1938).

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