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In The Beginning

In The Beginning
Student Manual

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January 1993 | 248 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This supplementary manual to the second edition of In the Beginning includes exploration of developmental issues, student projects and questions to aid exam preparation. Discussions of ethical or social issues to expand on the text are a feature of the manual, and each chapter has a section on the implications of the text material for parenting and, where appropriate, a section on implications for nursing. Theoretical issues are also examined.
Historical and Methodological Introduction
Development from Conception to Birth
Genetic Abnormalities
Influence of Prenatal Environment on Constitution
Perinatal Events that Affect Constitution or Mother-Infant Interaction
The Development of Basic Characteristics of Infants
Sensory and Perceptual Abilities
Developmental Milestones
The Basic Mechanisms
Cognitive Development
Early Communicative and Language Behavior
Social Development of the Infant
Influence of Environment
Deprivation and Enrichment


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ISBN: 9780803947672