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Inspiring Middle and Secondary Learners

Inspiring Middle and Secondary Learners
Honoring Differences and Creating Community Through Differentiating Instructional Practices

May 2007 | 272 pages | Corwin
Whileáthe differentiated approach to instruction continues to gain in popularity, there is still a great need for practical material to help secondary teachers who want to design engaging and meaningful lessons that will meet the needs of a diverse student body and also fulfill standards.Inspiring Middle and Secondary Learners: Honoring Differences and Creating Community Through Differentiating Instructional Practices presents a strong foundation with examples and ideas for creating an engaging classroom environment and building a community of learners who honor themselves and each other. The authors guide the reader step by step through the process of gathering student data, and show how to use this data to inform instructional practice. Low-prep, easy-to-implement strategies for differentiation are presented, along with more in-depth model lessons and rubrics in the content areas. Teachers can easily modify and/or create their own differentiated lessons using these models. Focusing on grades 6û12, this highly practical guide provides teachers with the tools they need for assessing and addressing the needs of the socially, culturally, and academically diverse students in their classrooms.
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About the Authors
Part 1: Inspiring Middle and High School Learners
1. The Inspiring Classroom
Motivation vs. Inspiration  
Foundations of the Inspiring Classroom  
Honoring Our Role as Teacher  
Honoring Our Fellow Teachers  
Honoring Our Students  
What is the Inspiring Classroom?  
2. The Inspiring Classroom: Theory Into Practice
Three Foundations of an Inspiring Classroom  
Five Elements to Differentiate  
3. Honoring Individuals, Building Community
Gathering Data About Students  
Honoring and Inspiring All Learners  
Building Community and Honoring Diversity  
4. Creating Lifelong Learners: An Apprenticeship Approach
Maintaining a Balance  
Vital Know-Hows for Student Success  
How to Teach the Vital Know-Hows  
Part 2: Activities and Designs to Inspire Middle and High School Leaners
5. Lite-n-Lean Learning Activities: Beginning Steps for Inspiring Learners
Investigations for Advanced Learners  
Questions for Discussing and Journaling  
Offering Student Choices  
Graphic Organizers  
Vocabulary Instruction for Different Learning Profiles  
Learning Profile Projects  
Interest Based Projects  
Varying Text Levels  
Memory Techniques  
6. Teaching for Meaning
What is C U KAN?  
Why C U KAN?  
How to Write a C U KAN  
C U KAN Sample  
C U KAN: Teaching Tips for All Lesson Designs  
How C U KAN Will Help You Differentiate  
Deep and Dynamic Lesson Designs  
7. Deep and Dynamic Design #1: Choice Menus
Teacher Overview  
Sample Content Subject Examples  
Choice Design: Teaching Tips  
8. Deep and Dynamic Design #2: RAFT Plus
Teacher Overview  
Sample Content Subject Examples  
RAFT Plus: Teaching Tips  
9. Deep and Dynamic Design #3: Tiered Lesson
Teacher Overview  
Sample Content Subject Examples  
Tiered Lesson: Teaching Tips  
10. Deep and Dynamic Design #4: Contracts
Teacher Overview  
Sample Content Subject Examples  
Learning Contracts: Teaching Tips  
11. Deep and Dynamic Design #5: Learning Stations
Teacher Overview  
Sample Content Subject Examples  
Learning Stations: Teaching Tips  
12. Deep and Dynamic Design #6: Compacting
Teacher Overview  
Sample Content Subject Examples  
Compacting: Teaching Tips  
Part 3: Evaluating and COmmitting to the Inspiring Classroom
13. Assessment and Grading in the Inspiring Classroom
On-Going Assessment  
Grading in the Inspiring Classroom: Now They Get It!  
Assessing Our Own Growth  
Opening the Door

"The authors succinctly propose an approach designed to generate in students the internal desire to learn! This text promises to be a significant resource for teachers who truly wish to leave a legacy."

Sallie M. Noel, Associate Professor of Biology
Austin Peay State University

"Fantastic read for anyone interested in implementing differentiated instruction into their classrooms.  Relevant for both beginning and seasoned teachers."

Cheryl L. Peters, Science Coordinator
White Lake Middle School, MI

"Provides a wealth of advice and activities for secondary teachers who wish to transform the adolescent's need for independence into empowerment, motivation, and inspired learning."

Belinda Lazarus, Professor of Education
University of Michigan, Dearborn

"Excellent book! A must-read for teachers and administrators who are truly interested in quality teaching and student success."

Paul Gmelin, Principal
White Lake Middle School, MI

"Enables teachers to reach each child where they are, while helping them to strive for more.  As a person who's struggled with dyslexia, I wish this book had been available for my teachers to have used with me."

Angela D. Steffke, Secondary Resource Teacher
John F. Kennedy High School, Taylor, MI

"As an administrator, this book provides me with meaningful direction for my staff. Implementing practices from this book will empower both students and teachers alike."

Sammie Novack, Vice-Principal
Washington Middle School, Bakersfield, CA

"This book is outstanding. I had several teachers review it and they found it very helpful. We will be providing it for our teachers."

Kathy Quick-Gunther, Director of Professional Development
Bethel Public Schools, WA

"If I were just browsing in a bookstore or at a convention and picked up your book, I would buy it just for the quotes. They are the first thing to catch my attention and they are powerful, well-selected quotes. They clearly set the tone of your book; you can tell from them that this is a book of essence and inspiration.”

Billie Jo Crouse, Third-Grade Teacher
Greensburg Public Schools, PA

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