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Institutions and Organizations

Institutions and Organizations
Ideas, Interests, and Identities

Fourth Edition

The best and most comprehensive analysis of the relationship between institutional theory and the study of organizations!

September 2013 | 360 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Creating a clear, analytical framework for readers, Institutions and Organizations: Ideas and Interests, Fourth Edition continues to reflect the richness and diversity of institutional thought, viewed both historically and as a contemporary, ongoing field of study. By presenting the differences as well as the underlying commonalities of institutional theories, this book presents a cohesive view of the many flavors and colors of institutionalism. It evaluates and clarifies developments in both theory and research while identifying future research directions.

Key Features:

- Elaborates on the three pillars of institutions as part of a larger framework and sheds light on the interplay between institutions and social systems

Includes a detailed discussion between three differing explanations and approaches of institutionalization—economic, sociological, and neo-institutional scholars in organizational studies

- Examines how symbols, relations, routines, artifacts, and other carriers transmit institutional arrangements across time and space

- Devotes a chapter to the theoretical and practical significance of organization fields

Emphasizes the best and most recent theoretical and empirical contributions in each chapter

1. Early Institutionalists
2. Institutional Theory Meets Organizations
3. Crafting an Analytic Framework I: Three Pillars of Institutions
4. Crafting an Analytic Framework II: Logics, Agency, Carriers, and Level
5. Institutional Construction
6. Institutionalization
7. Institutional Processes and Organizations
8. Institutional Processes and Organization Fields
9. An Overview, an Observation, a Caution, and a Sermon
About the Author

very good book. could be the fundamental book of discipline if there were Portuguese edition

Professor Antonio Abrantes
Departamento Sociologia, Universidade Algarve
April 5, 2014

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