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Intelligent Marketing

Intelligent Marketing
Employing New-Age Technologies

  • V. Kumar - Distinguished Term Professor, and Senior Fellow, ISB, India

January 2021 | 324 pages | SAGE Response
Do you have specific tactics to survive this era of digital transformation? 

How can a firm extract powerful insights from responding to and implementing new-age technologies?

Some companies adapt. Others miss the boat. 

Knowledge of what technology to employ, how to employ it, when and why it should be employed is a must in this era.

Intelligent Marketing emphasizes organizing resources, developing capabilities and designing strategies for deploying new-age technologies to ensure a healthy financial outcome for all the key stakeholders, and a better quality of life for the society and community.
Foreword by Philip Kotler
Welcome to the New-Age Technology World
A Brief Overview of the New-Age Technologies (NATs)
AI: Predicting the Future
Robots Are Here to Stay
Machine Learning: The Game Changer
Drones: Eye in the Sky
IoT: The Bedrock to Connect Physical-Virtual
Blockchain: Breaking New Grounds
Embracing the Digital Frontier
Making Meaningful Connections
Convergence of NATs and Marketing
Understanding Marketing Strategies, Capabilities and Resources of NAT
Organization of the Book
Marketing with AI
Origin, Definition and Components of AI
The Rise of the Intelligent Home
Personalized Learning
Life on Autopilot
Current AI Applications in Marketing
Understanding Customer Needs to Deploy AI
Revisiting Firm Capabilities to Integrate AI
Designing Marketing Mix Strategies with AI
Driving CE through AI
Designing Digital Strategies with AI
Future of AI in Marketing
Linking AI and Robotics
Reliance on Data
Seamless Integration of AI with Marketing: The New Marketing Culture
Marketing with Robotics
Origin, Definition and Classification of Robots
Industrial Applications
Domestic-oriented Technology
Business Applications
Current Robotics Applications in Marketing
Understanding Customer Needs to Deploy Robotics
Revisiting Firm Capabilities to Integrate Robotics
Designing Marketing Mix Strategies with Robotics
Driving CE through Robotics
Designing Digital Strategies with Robotics
Future of Robotics in Marketing
Robotics and the Interactive Service Industry
Interactive Marketing (Social Robots)
Creative Content Curation
Marketing with IoT
Origin, Definition and Classifications of IoT
IoT Implementation at the Individual Level
IoT Implementation at the Organization Level
IoT Implementation at the Industrial Level
IoT Implementation at the National Level
Smart Homes
Industrial Automation
Current IoT Applications in Marketing
Understanding Customer Needs to Deploy IoT
Revisiting Firm Capabilities to Integrate IoT
Designing Marketing Mix Strategies with IoT
Driving CE through IoT
Designing Digital Strategies with IoT
Future of IoT in Marketing
IoT and Transportation
Smart Cities
Real-Time Buying Process and Purchasing
Marketing with ML
Origin, Definition and Components of ML
Data for ML
Data Mining: Driving to Strategic Business Decisions
Data Augmentation for Better Business Insights
Types of ML Models
Analytics-oriented Technology
Link to AI
ML Models
Supervised Learning
Unsupervised Learning
Reinforcement Learning
Current ML Applications in Marketing
Understanding Customer Needs to Deploy ML
Revisiting Firm Capabilities to Integrate ML
Designing Marketing Mix Strategies with ML
Driving CE through ML
Designing Digital Strategies with ML
Future of ML in Marketing
ML and Customer Churn Analytics
Demand Forecasting and Management
Strategy Development for Customers and Products
Marketing using Drones
Origin, Definition and Classification of Drones
Wing Systems
Energy Source
Military-oriented Technology
Consumer Applications
Business Applications
Disaster Response
Current Drone Applications in Marketing
Understanding Customer Needs to Deploy Drones
Revisiting Firm Capabilities to Integrate Drones
Designing Marketing Mix Strategies with Drones
Driving CE through Drones
Designing Digital Strategies with Drones
Future of Drones in Marketing
Greater CE
Customer Contact Solutions
Marketing with Blockchain
Origin, Definition and Classifications of Blockchain
Secure and Immutable
Security-oriented Technology
Link to AI and ML
AI/ML Improving Blockchain’s Effectiveness
Blockchain Improving AI/ML’s Effectiveness
Real-World Uses
Digital Voting
Food Safety
Current Blockchain Applications in Marketing
Understanding Customer Needs to Deploy Blockchain
Revisiting Firm Capabilities to Integrate Blockchain
Designing Marketing Mix Strategies with Blockchain
Driving CE through Blockchain
Designing Digital Strategies with Blockchain
Future of Blockchain in Marketing
Data and Transaction Security
Impact on Advertising Transparency
Online Marketing Campaign Management
Putting It All Together
NATs for Better Marketing: A Strategic Framework
New-Age Technologies
Generation of Firm Capabilities
Strategic and Tactical Marketing Actions
Customer Experience
Stakeholder Engagement/Benefits
Channel Partners
Value and Well-being in a NAT World

This book is a fast-track way to learn about new technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things, drones and blockchain that are revolutionizing products, marketing and the relationship of customers to firms. The digital transformation task has gotten bigger and broader and you need to keep up. This must-read book by Dr Kumar helps you to better understand and implement the cutting-edge technologies for better marketing.

Dave Aaker
Vice-Chairman, Prophet Brand Strategy and Professor Emeritus of Marketing Strategy, The University of California, Berkeley, USA

An invaluable road map to the next generation of digital technologies. The new capabilities they enable will surely transform marketing practice and company strategy. Those that master them first will have a big advantage over their slower rivals. Use VK’s book to get ahead and stay ahead.

George Day
Geoffrey T. Boisi Professor Emeritus, The Wharton School, the University of Pennsylvania, USA

New-age technologies (NATs) are transforming the nature of today’s marketing. Many marketing managers have heard the words but don’t know what to do next. This book provides a concise but thorough primer on what NATs are and how top-performing companies are leveraging them successfully. It arms managers with the knowledge, the vocabulary and the exemplary examples to challenge their organization to either leverage NATs for competitive advantage or to fall behind more thoughtful competitors. A must-read.

Gary L. Lilien
Distinguished Research Professor of Management Science, Penn State, USA

Dr V Kumar has consistently done break-through research at the forefront of technology, typically in collaboration with industry partners. He leads, again, with this book that is the field’s first attempt to get arms around the whole of ‘new-age technology’. By systematically considering artificial intelligence, robotics, Internet of Things, machine learning, drones and blockchain he lays the groundwork on which others can build.

Leigh McAlister
Ed and Molly Smith Chair in Business Administration, The University of Texas at Austin, USA

Dr Kumar effectively delivers a broad-based knowledge of how to consider integration of new-age technologies in a way that marketers can translate to their own verticals and use cases. The concepts, framework, and strategies give clarity to the multitude of customer experience opportunities and applications for all sized businesses, and not just the behemoths like Amazon.

Luci Rainey
Chief Marketing Officer, PODs, Inc and former Senior Vice-President, Comcast, USA

A very thorough and research-based book on the applications of six new-age technologies (NATs) including AI, robots, IoT, blockchain, machine learning and drones which are transforming and will continue to transform the marketing function as we know today. A MUST buy for those who are interested in teaching a course on digital marketing as well as for marketing practitioners who are automating the marketing programs.

Jagdish N. Sheth
Charles H. Kellstadt Professor of Business, Emory University, USA

New technologies have been changing the nature of marketing. The most valuable companies on this planet from Amazon to Google to Microsoft are information platforms that bring customer centricity to the forefront of strategic thinking. Now COVID has accelerated this process to a crescendo. Marketers must pivot to Intelligent Marketing—or perish. 

Dr Rajendra Srivastava
Dean and Novartis Professor of Marketing Strategy and Innovation, Indian School of Business, India

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