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Interest Groups Unleashed

Interest Groups Unleashed

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October 2012 | 304 pages | CQ Press

New scholarship for a new paradigm in interest groups politics…

The 2010 campaign and election was pivotal: the Republican takeover of the House, the advent of “super PACs,” and record-breaking sums spent on a midterm election. More than ever before, interest groups were able to mobilize new resources and new technologies in a shifting set of House and Senate races. This timely volume explores—in a series of lively case studies—a cross-section of groups, communities, and networks that vividly illustrates the “unleashing” of interest group activity in the electoral process in response to Citizens United and other court cases and events.
A New Era of Interest Group Participation in Federal Elections
American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS
Drugs, Doctors and Hospitals: Campaigning Post Healthcare Reform
It Wasn't Easy Being Green in 2010: The League of Conservation Voters and the Uphill Battle to make the Environment Better
More Bang for the Buck? Defense Industry Contributions and the 2010 Elections
Netroots Political Associations
Nimble Giants: How National Interest Groups Worked to Harness Grassroots Tea Party Enthusiasm
Onward Union Soldiers? Organized Labor's Future in American Elections
The Electoral Influence of Corporations
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the 2010 Elections

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