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International Ethics

International Ethics

Four Volume Set
Edited by:

June 2011 | 1 576 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The SAGE Library of International Relations brings together the most influential and field-defining articles, both classical and contemporary, in a number of key areas of research and inquiry in International Relations.

Each multi-volume set represents a collection of the essential published works collated from the foremost publications in the field by an editor or editorial team of renowned international stature.

They also include a full introduction, presenting a rationale for the selection and mapping out the discipline's past, present and likely future.

This series is designed to be a 'gold standard' for university libraries throughout the world with an interest in International Relations.

Actors in international politics need to navigate a host of ethical challenges when deciding how to act in a certain context. They are confronted by the question: 'What, from an ethical point of view, ought I to do?' with regard to a wide range of issues including the conduct of war, the just distribution of aid and trade, human rights, the care of the global environment, the rights of asylum seekers and refugees, genocide, money-laundering, global terror and many others. This collection looks at classical and seminal research in the field with the broad framework of the moral standing of states; the moral standing of non-state actors; and the ethics of international relations.

Volume One: The Society of States

Volume Two: Global Civil Society: Non-State Actors in World Politics

Volume Three: The Changing Constitution of Global Politics

Volume Four: Ethics and Foreign Policy

Normative Theory, Ethics and International Relations
Normative Theory

Daryl Glaser
Case for Normative Political Theory

Anurag Sinha
Normative Theory

Steve Buckler
The Moral Standing of States
The Rights of Political Communities

Michael Walzer
Extract from 'Reconciling Rights and Sovereignty: The Constitutive Theory of Individuality'

Mervyn Frost
The Nation-State: A Modest Defence

David Miller

Alan James
Extract from 'Cosmopolitanism and Sovereignty'

Thomas Pogge
Negative Sovereignty in Sub-Saharan Africa

Robert Jackson
Writing the State

Cynthia Weber
Ethical Standing of Borders
Justice and Boundaries

Onora O'Neill
The Ethics of Boundaries

Daniel Philpott
Theories of Secession

Allen Buchanan
Extract from 'Secession and Self Determination: A Territorial Interpretation'

Lea Brilmayer
Extract from 'The Anarchical Society'

Hedley Bull
Extract from 'Global Ethics: Anarchy, Freedom and International Relations'

Mervyn Frost
Extract from 'Kant, Liberal Legacies, and Foreign Affairs'

Michael Doyle
By Way of an Introduction

Francis Fukuyama
Order and Justice in 'The Anarchical Society'

Ian Harris
The New Global Order: The Power of Principle in a Pluralistic World

Charles Kegley
Hedley Bull and Order in International Relations

John Vincent
Theories of International Justice

Chris Brown
The Law of Peoples

John Rawls
Justice and International Relations

Charles Beitz
Equality and Inequality
Extract from 'A New International System?'

Robert Tucker
The Problem of Global Justice

Thomas Nagel
Global Civil Society
The Promises of International Civil Society

Alejandro Colás
Reading the Small Print in Global Civil Society: The Inexorable Hegemony of the Liberal Self

Stephen Hopgood
Global Civil Society, Anarchy and Governance: Assessing an Emerging Paradigm

Scott Turner
The Concept of Civil Society

Michael Walzer
Human Rights
Human Rights in Foreign Policy

John Vincent
Cultural Relativism and Universal Human Rights

Jack Donnelly
Human Rights, Rationality and Sentimentality

Richard Rorty
Asian and African Rights
Evaluating Human Rights in Africa: Some Problems of Implicit Comparisons

Rhoda Howard
Human Rights and Asian Values

Amartya Sen
Nations and Determination as an Ethical Issue in World Politics
The Ethical Significance of Nationality

David Miller
National Self Determination

Avishai Margalit and Joseph Raz
The Romance of the Nation State

David Luban
Ethical Uncertainties of Nationalism

Dan Smith
Associations, Social Movements and International Social Networks
Building Global Civil Society 'from Below'

David Chandler
Explorations of Political Practice

R.B.J. Walker
Ethical Diplomacy and Foreign Policy
The Meeting of Ethics and Diplomacy

Kenneth Thompson
Rhetoric Without Responsibility: The Attraction of Ethical Foreign Policy

David Chandler
Ethics and International Law
International Ethics and International Law

Terry Nardin
International Law as an Approach to International Ethics: A Plea for Jurisprudential Diagnostics

Friedrich Kratochwil
Global Civil Society and Global Citizenship
Situating Global Citizenship

Nigel Dower
International Ethics and European Integration: Federal State of Network Horizon?

Thomas Diez
From an Ethics of Integration to an Ethics of Participation

Richard Bellamy and Alex Warleigh
Cosmopolitan Democracy
Democracy and the New International Order

David Held
Citizenship and Sovereignty in the Post-Westphalian State

Andrew Linklater
Transnational Democracy

John Dryzek
Feminist Global Ethics
Towards a Feminist International Ethics

Kimberly Hutchings
Ethical Reasoning and the Global Context of Care

Fiona Robinson
Ethics, Migrants and International Relations
Ethics, National Sovereignty and the Control of Immigration

Myron Weiner
Migration and Morality:A Liberal Egalitarian Point of View

Joseph Carens
Liberal Democratic States and Ethically Defensible Asylum Practices

Matthew Gibney
A Peaceful, Silent, Deadly Remedy: The Ethics of Economic Sanctions

Joy Gordon
Are Sanctions Just? The Problematic Case of Iraq

David Cortright and George Lopez
Aid, Relief and Conditionalities
The Moral Case fir Aid

Roger Riddell
Aid and Sovereignty

Christopher Kilby
Doing the Right Thing: Relief Agencies, Moral Dilemmas and Moral Responsibility in Political Emergencies and War

Hugo Slim
Ethics and the Conduct of International Development Aid: Charity and Obligation

Des Gasper
Humanitarian Intervention
The Idea of State Sovereignty and the Right of Humanitarian Intervention

John Charvet
Ethics and Intervention

Michael Smith
Humanitarian Intervention and the Just War

Mona Fixdal and Dan Smith
Just War
The Just War Criteria

Alex Bellamy
Can War be Morally Justified? The Just War Theory

Robert Holmes
Just War against Terrorism
On the Just War Tradition in the Twenty-First Century

Nicholas Rengger
Just War or Ethical Peace? Moral Discourses of Strategic Violence after 9/11

Anthony Burke
The Slippery Slope to Preventive War

Neta Crawford
What's wrong with Preventive War? The Moral and Legal Basis for the Preventive Use of Force

Whitley Kaufman
International Environmental Ethics
Biodiversity, Ethics and International Law

Farhana Yamin
Bioregionalism and Cross-Cultural Dialogue on a Land Ethics

Richard Evanoff
The Importance of Expressly Examining Global Warming Policy Issues Through an Ethical Prism

Donald Brown

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