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International Political Economy

International Political Economy

Five Volume Set
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December 2007 | 1 984 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
International Political Economy (IPE) has become one of the most innovative and productive areas of International Relations in recent years. With origins in classical political economy, heterodox economics, political science, human geography, sociology and other social sciences, IPE has gained in academic weight and political relevance during the past thirty years and has come to embrace a diverse range of disciplinary perspectives.

This five-volume set draws together the key foundational materials from a range of disciplinary sources, allowing students at all levels to have access to the complex origins of this growing body of historical and contemporary scholarship. Consisting of entries drawn from academic journals, books and other appropriate sources and representing both the historical origins of IPE as well as some of the foremost contemporary voices, this set is introduced by an essay outlining the development of IPE since the 1980s and explaining the key themes represented by the entries chosen.


Volume I on the History and Theories of IPE presents, in a systematic manner, the seminal theoretical and historical pieces that shaped the present agenda of IPE.

Volume II on States, Power and Hegemony traces the development of theories of hegemony, from orthodox theories such as the 'hegemonic stability theory' through to responses to globalization and current debates on the governance of the world economy.

Volume III on Central Issues in IPE: Production, Trade and Finance addresses the key structural changes that have taken place in the past three decades in the sphere of finance, production and trade.

Volume IV on IPE in the New Century: Emerging Issues and Theories analyses some of the emerging problems in contemporary IPE such as the changing structural configuration of global political economy and the so-called 'shadow' political economy.

Volume One
Angus Cameron, Anastasia Nesvetailova and Ronen Palan
What Is International Political Economy?
Robert Gilpin
The Study of International Political Economy
S Krasner
International Political Economy
Abiding Discord

S Strange
Wake up, Krasner! The World Has Changed
Key Theoretical Texts
H Lefebvre
Social Space
John Gerard Ruggie
International Regimes, Transactions and Change
Embedded Liberalism in the Post-War Economic Order

Robert W Cox
Social Forces, States and World Orders
Beyond International Relations Theory

J Nitzan
Differential Accumulation
Toward a New Political Economy of Capital

G Hodgson
Varieties of Capitalism and Varieties of Economic Theory
A Koritz and D Koritz
Symbolic Economics
Adventures in the Metaphorical Marketplace

Janet L Abu-Lughod
Restructuring the 13th Century World System
Fernand Braudel
Divisions of Time and Space in Europe and the First European World Economy
Immanuel Wallerstein
The Strong Core States
Class-Formation and International Commerce

Volume Two
Continues from Part One: History and Theories of International Political Economy
K Polanyi
The Hundreds' Year Peace
K van der Pijl
The Lockean Heartland in the International Political Economy
S Halperin
The First Tranformation
Social Forces in the Rise of Europe's 19th Century Market System

Orthodox Theories of Hegemony
C P Kindleberger
Hierarchy versus Inertial Co-Operation
Duncan Snidal
The Limits of Hegemonic Stability Theory
Susan Strange
The Persistent Myth of 'Lost' Hegemony
D A Lake
Leadership, Hegemony and the International Economy
Naked Emperor or Tattered Monarch with Potential?

Helen V Milner
International Political Economy
Beyond Hegemonic Stability

Alternative Theories of Hegemony
R W Cox
Gramsci, Hegemony and International Relations
An Essay in Method

Immanuel Wallerstein
The Three Instances of Hegemony in the History of the Capitalist World Economy
The State
Bob Jessop
The Crisis of the National Spatio-Temporal Fix and the Tendential Ecological Dominance of Globalizing Capitalism
Ronen Palan, J Abbott and P Deans
The State in the Global Political Economy
Joachim Hirsch
Nation State, International Regulation and the Question of Democracy
Paul Krugman
A Dangerous Obsession

Jagdish Bhagwati
Regionalism and Multilateralism
An Overview

M Bernard
Regions in the Global Political Economy
Beyond the Local-Global Divide in the Formation of the Eastern Asian Region

A Moravcsik
Negotiating the Single European Act
National Interests and Conventional Statecraft in the European Community

S Gill
European Governance and New Constitutionalism
Economic and Monetary Union and Alternatives to Disciplinary Neo-Liberalism in Europe

Volume Three
Continues from Part Two: States, Power and Hegemony
Global Governance
Ken Conca
The WTO and the Undermining of Global Environmental Governance
R Peet
The World Trade Organization
John Braithwaite and Peter Drahos
Trade and Competition
Sol Picciotto
Private Rights versus Public Standards in the WTO
Y Halabi
The Expansion of Global Governance in the Third World
John Williamson
The Strange History of the Washington Consensus
Production, Distribution, New Corporate Forms
Charles S Maier
The Politics of Productivity
Foundations of American International Economic Policy after World War II

Manuel Castells
The Historical Sequence of the Information Technology Revolution
Joel M Podolny and Karen L Page
Network Forms of Organization
N Fligstein and P Brantley
Bank Control, Owner Control or Organizational Dynamics
Who Controls the Large Modern Corporation?

Rajneesh Narula and John H Dunning
Industrial Development, Globalization and Multinational Enterprises
New Realities for Developing Countries

Peter Drucker
The Changed World Economy
B Hoekman
Strengthening the Global Trade Architecture for Development
The Post-Doha Agenda

P Krugman and R Lawrence
Trade, Jobs and Wages
G M Grossman and E Helpman
Trade Wars and Trade Talks
Peter Drucker
Trade Lessons from the World Economy
Volume Four
Continues from Part Three: Central Issues in International Political Economy: Production, Trade and Finance
M Wolf
Cowed by Corporations
A Wood
How Trade Hurt Unskilled Workers
Ronen Palan and A Cameron
The Private Economy of the Post-National State
Maurice Obstfeld
The Global Capital Market
Benefactor or Menace?

The Evolution of the International Monetary and Financial System
M Wolfson
Neo-Liberalism and the International Financial Instability
R Germain
The Era of Decentralized Globalization
Gary Burn
The State, the City and the Euromarkets
R Wade and F Veneroso
The Gathering World Slump and the Battle over Capital Controls
A Cartapanis and M Herland
The Reconstruction of the International Financial Architecture
Keynes' Revenge?

Theorizing Globalization
B Rosamond
Babylon and on? Globalization and International Political Economy
A Cameron and Ronen Palan
Configuring the Global
Globalization as Spatio-Temporal Narrative

David Held and Anthony McGrew
The End of the Old Order? Globalization and the Prospects for World Order
S Elden
Missing the Point
Globalization, Deterritorialization and the Space of the World

A C Cutler
Critical Reflections on the Westphalian Assumptions of International Law and Organization
A Crisis of Legitimacy

Volume Five
Continues from Part Four: International Political Economy in the New Millennium: Emerging Issues and Theories
Structural Reconfiguration
J L Cohen
Whose Sovereignty? Empire versus International Law
H Patom[um]aki
The Case for th Tobin Tax and Global Re-Regulation
B Cohen
Monetary Governance in a World of Regional Currencies
N Thrift
The Rise of Soft Capitalism
M Pryke and J Allen
Monetized Time-Space
Derivatives - Money's 'New Imaginary'?

L W Pauly and S Reich
National Structures and Multinational Corporate Behavior
Enduring Differences in the Age of Globalization

Michael Hudson
R Martin
The New Divisions
A Geography Reconsidered

The New Political Economy of War, Crime and Corruption
Sol Picciotto
The State as Legal Fiction

Ronen Palan
Tax Havens and the Commercialization of Sovereignty
Musah Abdel-Fatau
Privatization of Security, Arms Proliferation and the Process of State Collapse in Afric
R T Naylor
The Underworld of Gold
P Le Billon
The Political Ecology of War
Natural Resources and Armed Conflicts

P Andreas
Illicit International Political Economy
The Clandestine Side of Globalization


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