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International Tourism

International Tourism
Identity and Change

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August 1995 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
`This book is one of several indications that the sociology of tourism is on the move.... these articles raise relevant important themes in the study of tourism.... The contributors to this very readable book provide valuable insights, many of which have been derived from empirical research, that should interest anyone involved in the study of international tourism. And by moving us away from polarised positions over the social impact of tourism toward more complex but also more considered perspectives they have also helped alter the agenda for future research' - David Harrison, University of Sussex

Tourism is becoming an increasingly prominent feature of contemporary life. More of us travel for pleasure than ever before, yet the social scientific literature on tourism is relatively scant. This book provides an original contribution to the field of tourist studies.

The contributors to International Tourism reconceptualize the local and the global, avoiding such crude oppositions as centre v periphery, modern v traditional, macro v micro and North v South. Instead, they demonstrate that the local cannot be understood without the global, and that the global can never be isolated from the regional setting within which it operates.

Providing new insights into theories of touristic practice, this volume places tourism within the same framework as other transnational global studies.

Marie-Françoise Lanfant
Marie-Françoise Lanfant
International Tourism, Internationalization and the Challenge to Identity
Michel Picard
Cultural Heritage and Tourist Capital
Cultural Tourism in Bali

Anath Ariel de Vidas
Textiles, Memory and the Souvenir Industry in the Andes
Jean Michaud
Frontier Minorities, Tourism and the State in Indian Himalaya and Northern Thailand
John B Allcock
International Tourism and the Appropriation of History in the Balkans
Claude-Marie Bazin
Industrial Heritage in the Tourism Process in France
Wendy Williams and Elly Maria Papamichael
Tourism and Tradition
Local Control versus Outside Interests in Greece

Shelley Shenhav-Keller
The Jewish Pilgrim and the Purchase of a Souvenir in Israel
Danielle Rozenberg
International Tourism and Utopia
The Balearic Islands

Meaghan Morris
Life as a Tourist Object in Australia
Suzy Kruhse-MountBurton
Sex Tourism and Traditional Australian Male Identity
Malcolm Crick
The Anthropologist as Tourist
An Identity in Question

Edward M Bruner
The Ethnographer/Tourist in Indonesia

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