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Interpersonal Communication - International Student Edition

Interpersonal Communication - International Student Edition

5th edition

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Interpersonal Communication

December 2022 | 464 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
With its unique skill-building approach, Interpersonal Communication Fifth Edition provides students with the knowledge and practice they need to make effective choices as communicators in today's rapidly changing, technologically-advanced, and diverse society. Rather than "telling" students how to communicate, authors Richard L. West and Lynn H. Turner integrate skill sets in each chapter so students can apply what they learn to their own lives. Rich with current examples and coverage of technology, social media, and diversity, this practical text makes clear connections among theory, skills, and the situations we all encounter on a daily basis.
Chapter 1. Foundations of Interpersonal Communication
Chapter 2. Culture and Interpersonal Communication
Chapter 3. Perception, the Self, and Others
Chapter 4. Verbal Symbols and Interpersonal Communication
Chapter 5. Communicating Nonverbally
Chapter 6. Effective Listening and Responding
Chapter 7. Interpersonal Communication and Emotion
Chapter 8. Communicating Personal Disclosures
Chapter 9. Interpersonal Conflict
Chapter 10. Communicating in Close Relationships
Chapter 11. Communicating with Families, Friends, and Romantic Partners

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ISBN: 9781071897140