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Interpreting Qualitative Data

Interpreting Qualitative Data

Sixth Edition
  • David Silverman - Visiting Professor at the University of Technology, Sydney and King’s College, London, Emeritus Professor at Goldsmiths’ College, Visiting Professor Emeritus at Leeds University Business School and Adjunct Professor at Queensland University of Technology
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November 2019 | 568 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

"Cutting-edge and friendly.  Offers even more of what we've come to expect.  Practical, yet conceptually astute.  Critically attuned to new developments, such as the uses and misuses of mixed methods designs and the convenience of smart phone technology.  Packaged in an approachable format that virtually welcomes the reader aboard" - Jaber F. Gubrium, University of Missouri

With a wealth of examples and learning features, the book takes a practical approach to methods training and provides a strong foundation in research design for social science students.  

In his characteristic positive writing style, author David Silverman offers useful advice on sticking points faced by beginner researchers and helps you build your confidence.

Central to this sixth edition are its online resources, including:

  • Entertaining and inspiring videos from the author that help you unpack concepts, boost your understanding and think critically
  • An ‘assessment corner’, offering practical help and tailored support for typical assignments e.g. group reports and literature reviews
  • A downloadable workbook providing a hands on way to get to grips with the necessary skills for gathering, analysing and interpreting qualitative data

Approachable, clear and friendly, this book equips you with the tools to tackle key issues faced by qualitative researchers and establish good practice in your own research.

Part I: Theory and Method in Qualitative Research
Chapter 1: What is Qualitative Research?
Chapter 2: Designing a Research Project
Chapter 3: Generalising from Qualitative Data
Chapter 4: Credible Qualitative Research
Chapter 5: Data Analysis
Chapter 6: Research Ethics
Part II: Methods
Chapter 7: Interviews
Chapter 8: Focus Groups
Chapter 9: Ethnography
Chapter 10: Documents
Chapter 11: Naturally Occurring Talk
Chapter 12: Visual Images
Chapter 13: Mixed Methods
Part III: Implications
Chapter 14: Writing Your Report
Chapter 15: The Relevance of Qualitative Research
Chapter 16: The Potential of Qualitative Research

Most of the research undertaken on our BA is qualitative and this is a thorough guide for interpreting this type of data.

Mrs Nicola Stobbs
Institute of Education, Worcester University
March 5, 2020

An excellent guide to qualitative data analyses.

Dr Samantha Bracey
Accounting, Richmond The American International University In London
August 19, 2020

This is a core textbook to help students understand the fundamentals of interpreting qualitative data from different perspectives. Really useful updates with understandable terminology for masters level students

Dr Simone Coetzee
Department of Health & Human Sciences, Essex University
May 7, 2020

It is an essential reading for all of my supervises who do qualitative research and modules I teach that use dissertations.

Dr Teresa Roca
Organisation and Human Resource Mgmt, Northumbria University
January 13, 2021

Professor Silverman never fails to deliver when it comes to interpretation of data. This is a well revised version and better update content.

Dr Seidu Salifu
He & Teacher Training, NESCOT
February 24, 2020

I've always liked the pragmatic yet engaging approach used by David Silverman. Every type of practical approach is laid out in an understandable and sympathetic way. I've yet to have a look at the online resources, but am looking forward to that!

Dr Christine Lewis
Education Studies, Edge Hill University
February 14, 2020

This is a classic text and the 6th edition is most welcome. Comprehensive, detailed, insightful and provides clear guidance and ideas on qualitative analysis for all levels. I can see this text being used at L6,7 and 8. Thank you.

Mrs Eleonora Teszenyi
Faculty of Education, The Open University
January 7, 2021

As ever, this author provides a comprehensive text for researchers who adopt a qualitative approach.

Mrs Liz Cade
Health and Social Care, Wrexham Glyndwr University
October 16, 2020

The book matches very well the topics of my courses and contains a good selection of online resources, tips and examples

Dr Nicoleta Gaciu
School of Education, Oxford Brookes University
November 27, 2019

A well -written and solid qualitative methods text book. I use it mainly for reference but it is an excellent choice as prescribed reading as well. It offers great insights, tips and exercises for many of the detailed challenges in the design and analysis of qualitative research.

Dr Jill Bogie
Business, Gordon Institute of Business Science
February 18, 2020