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Intimate Violence in Families

Intimate Violence in Families

  • Richard J. Gelles - University of Pennsylvania, USA, University of Rhode Island, USA

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Adults & Violence (General)

February 1997 | 216 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Armed with the latest research in the field, the Third Edition of Intimate Violence in Families explodes many of the conventional myths and controversies hindering understanding of family violence, and replaces them with the most current knowledge available.

While focusing largely on physical abuse, the book also examines data on sexual abuse, emotional and psychological abuse, neglect and other forms of intimate victimization. The author discusses theories of intimate violence and contributing social factors, and explores major controversies in the study and treatment of family and intimate violence. Abuse occurring in all types of family relationships are covered: partners; children; siblings; parents; the elderly; and gay and lesbian couples.

Violence between Intimates
Historical Legacy - Contemporary Approval

The Youngest Victims
Violence toward Children

The `Appropriate' Victims

Hidden Victims
Siblings, Adolescents, Parents, the Elderly, and Gay and Lesbian Couples

Explaining Intimate and Family Violence
Prevention and Treatment
Society's Response and Responsibility


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