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Introducing Communication Research - International Student Edition

Introducing Communication Research - International Student Edition
Paths of Inquiry

Fourth Edition

August 2019 | SAGE Publications, Inc

Introducing Communication Research: Paths of Inquiry teaches students the basics of communication research in an accessible manner by using interesting real-world examples, engaging application exercises, and up-to-date resources. Best-selling author Donald Treadwell and new co-author Andrea Davis guide readers through the process of conducting communication research and presenting findings for scholarly, professional, news/media, and web audiences.


New & Key Features


  • New vignettes introduce a theoretical or methodological topic using language and contexts that students new to research can easily comprehend.
  • New and updated content includes:
    • “First Decisions”: expanded discussion of basic research perspectives, worldviews, communication metatheories, and communication research traditions.
    • Bibliographic research: new content on identifying and assessing fake news.
    • Survey methodology: new content on “big data” and surveys.
  • Application exercises help students learn to make decisions about research practice.
  • Ethics panels with questions facilitate discussion of research ethics in practice.

1. Getting Started: Possibilities and Decisions
2. First Decisions: From Inspiration to Implementation
3. Ethics: What Are My Responsibilities as a Researcher?
4. You Could Look It Up: Reading, Recording, and Reviewing Research
5. Measurement: Research Using Numbers
6. Sampling: Who, What, and How Many?
7. Summarizing Research Results: Data Reduction and Descriptive Statistics
8. Generalizing From Research Results: Inferential Statistics
9. Surveys: Putting Numbers on Opinions
10. Experiments: Researching Cause and Effect
11. Quantiative Understanding of Content: Content Analysis
12. Qualitative Understanding of Content: Rhetorical and Critical Analyses, and more
13. Qualitative Understanding of Communication Behavior
14. Research Results In Print and Online: Writing and Presenting for Scholarly and Other Publics


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