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Introducing Intercultural Communication

Introducing Intercultural Communication
Global Cultures and Contexts

Fourth Edition
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April 2023 | 368 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Taking a global and critical perspective, this textbook presents the concepts, theories and applications from the field of intercultural communication in a lively and easy-to-follow style.

Covering all the essential topics, from immigration and intercultural conflict, to intercultural health communication and communication in the workplace, this cutting-edge 4th edition:

  • Explains the key theories and concepts you need to know.
  • Brings theory to life with a range of global case studies.
  • Ties key ideas and debates to the reality of intercultural skills and practice.
  • Adds a new chapter on intercultural communication and business.
  • Expands coverage of topical areas such as health and crisis communication and virtual communication in the workplace.

Introducing Intercultural Communication is the ideal guide to becoming a critical consumer of information and an effective global citizen. It is essential reading for students of intercultural communication across media and communication studies, and international business and management. 

Intercultural communication in a global community
Culture and people
Communication and culture
Perception and categorization
Value orientations and behaviour
Identities and subgroups
Verbal communication and culture
Nonverbal communication and culture
Business and culture
Immigration and acculturation
Intercultural and intergroup relations
Media and cultural change
Intercultural competence in a global community


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The book covers a wide range of subjects but doesn't go into much detail. Also, the lack of examples and self-tests and exercises makes it not suitable for Bachelor level at our institute.

Ms Anne-Marie Dingemans
International Business Management, TIO University of Applied Sciences
June 20, 2024

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