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Introduction to Business

Introduction to Business

First Edition

January 2023 | 496 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Written by bestselling authors Heidi M. Neck, Christopher P. Neck, and Emma L. Murray, Introduction to Business explores the fundamental building blocks of modern business while addressing social impact, ethics, and the power of innovation throughout. Cases on startups, small businesses, and corporations will ignite student interest as they learn from today’s most forward-looking organizations. Regardless of your students’ career aspirations, they will develop the mindset and skillset they need to succeed in their professional journeys.

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Chapter 1 The Business of Business
Chapter 2 Business Without Borders
Chapter 3 The Entrepreneurial Mindset
Chapter 4 Business Creation
Chapter 5 Business Models
Chapter 6 Business Strategy for Competitive Advantage
Chapter 7 Marketing & Sales
Chapter 8 Customers and Market Segments
Chapter 9 Organizational Structure and Design
Chapter 10 Organizational Mission and Culture
Chapter 11 Management and Leadership
Chapter 12 Human Resource Management
Chapter 13 Motivation and Empowerment
Chapter 14 Communication in Business
Chapter 15 Operations and Quality Management
Chapter 16 Data Management and Analytics
Chapter 17 Accounting and Financial Statements
Chapter 18 Financial Management
Appendix A: Legal Issues (Online Only Chapter)
Appendix B: Putting It All Together: The Business Impact Deck


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“A cutting-edge approach to business instruction through the lens of entrepreneurship. I like the information discussed on nature of work and new trends such as 'gig' economies.”

Amy Conley, CPA,
Professor of Accounting & Business at Genesee Community College

"Simplified layout, current, contemporary examples. It presents information in a different format and should generate more classroom conversation.”

Robert G. Gillan, DBA
Palm Beach State College, Boca Raton, FL

"This text is built for in-class discussions and activities. It helps students develop an important entrepreneurial mindset that is 

important for their careers. It has a lot more actionable and assignable exercises for in class and outside of class. It's a flip-the classroom/hyflex model textbook."  Ryan Kauth, University of Wisconsin Green Bay 

Ryan Kauth
University of Wisconsin Green Bay

"The book provides a good summary of important topics, business cases for students to analyze and also engage in, good discussion questions, and mindset activities that will help learners apply the knowledge gained." - Dr. Jody-Lynn Rebek, Algoma University

Dr. Jody-Lynn Rebek,
Algoma University

"The author's approach to writing allows the average student to approach the topic in a way others do not. The integration of a global approach is sometimes not effective in other texts. It is here. This is definitely a text I would recommend to my faculty as Department Chair."  

Dwight Heaster, Ph. D
Glenville State College

 "The content is up-to-date and relevant. This book has more chapters that are realistic in nature to the current business environment."

Dr. Veronica Ramsundar
Miami Dade College

"A practical straight-forward introduction to business concepts. Gives students case examples to explain various concepts. I really appreciate the business ethics cases at the end of each chapter instead of one single chapter on ethics. I think it helps reinforce to students that ethics is a part of every aspect of business and helps them think more comprehensively about it." 

Rachel Gifford, PhD
Harrisburg Area Community College

“A textbook with features that help your students learn and understand business better and help them to retain the information longer. I love the simplicity and forwardness of it.”  


Lawrence W Hahn
Palomar College - San Marcos, CA

"I think the authors have done a good job of using a variety of businesses of different sizes and different types of industries to enhance the concepts."


Lorrie Mowry
Mid-Plains Community College/McCook? Community College

“Timely, relevant, and relatable." 

David M. Brown
Ohio University

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