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Introduction to Special Educational Needs, Disability and Inclusion

Introduction to Special Educational Needs, Disability and Inclusion
A Student's Guide

November 2020 | 248 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This essential textbook equips students with a strong understanding of theories, policies and practices and how they impact on Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, guiding them through their SEND course or modules. It provides students with the foundations and tools necessary to think critically about the issues and developments concerning SEND, inclusion, and professional practice.

The book includes:

-          Material surrounding mental health in childhood and adolescence

-          Chapters on global perspectives of SEND, and assistive technologies

-          Practical case studies, reflection questions and activities

-          Spotlights on key theories and research 

-          Up-to-date information on policies impacting SEND

Chapter 1 - An Introduction to SENDI: Models and Definitions
Chapter 2 - The History of Difference and Disability
Chapter 3 - Introducing Specific Learning Difficulties
Chapter 4 - SEND Support and Intervention: Overcoming Barriers
Chapter 5 - Exploring Mental Health in Childhood and Adolescence
Chapter 6 - Equality: Access Provision and Outcomes
Chapter 7 - Assistive Technologies in Practice
Chapter 8 - SEND: A Global Perspective
Chapter 9 - Professional Roles and Contexts
Chapter 10 - Becoming a SENDI Practitioner: Professional Identity and Self-Reflection
Chapter 11 - Researching Approaches to Inclusive Practice
Chapter 12 - Towards Inclusion: Rhetoric and Reality

A thorough look at this ever-changing area of study, which has an eye on the past as well as the future and makes some challenging and thought-provoking issues accessible for those new to the area.

Paul Drury
Senior Lecturer in SEN and Inclusion, Nottingham Trent University

This is an excellent text. It provides a clear overview of the theories of disability and offers a comprehensive outline of the SEND Code of Practice. It is contemporary, accessible and easy to navigate.

Jonathan Glazzard
Professor of Inclusive Education, Leeds Beckett University

A really good all rounder, giving useful information for anyone working with children

Mrs Angela Hodgkins
Institute of Education, Worcester University
August 3, 2022

Ideal for UG students.

Lynette Morris
Department of Education, Middlesex University
July 21, 2021

Clear, simple dialogue on SEND.

Lynette Morris
Department of Education, Middlesex University
July 21, 2021

I have recommended this for our module on SEND and disability. It has some useful information and is accessible.

Miss Lisa Holland
teacher education, Tameside College
September 9, 2021

easy to navigate
covered key information to support course LO
easy to understand

Mrs Tanya Cotier
CASS School of Education & Communities, University of East London
April 23, 2021