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Issues for Debate in Environmental Management

Issues for Debate in Environmental Management
Selections From CQ Researcher

January 2010 | 448 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Issues for Debate in Environmental Management is a contemporary collection of articles covering core issues within the broad topic of environmental management. The book is intended to supplement core courses in the Business and Management curriculum titled Environmental Management, Sustainability, and Business and Society, among other similarly titled courses.

The book begins with a feature article titled, "The New Environmentalism: Can New Business Policies Save the Environment?" and progresses through 16 articles of topics generally covered in environmental management courses, including global warming, the green economy, clean energy sources, water sources, and other opportunities for business and management exploration.

Annotated Contents
Tom Price
1. The New Environmentalism: Can New Business Policies Save the Environment?
Colin Woodard
2. Curbing Climate Change: Is the World Doing Enough?
Alan Greenblatt
3. Confronting Warming: Can States and Localities Prevent Climate Change?
Thomas J. Billitteri
4. Reducing Your Carbon Footprint: Can Individual Actions Reduce Global Warning?
Jennifer Weeks
5. Carbon Trading: Will It Reduce Global Warming?
Brian Beary
6. Race for the Arctic: Who Owns the Region's Undiscovered Oil and Gas?
Jennifer Weeks
7. Future of Recycling: Is a Zero-Waste Society Achievable?
Jennifer Weeks
8. Buying Green: Does It Really Help the Environment?
Jennifer Weeks
9. Regulating Toxic Chemicals: Do We Know Enough About Chemical Risks?
Jennifer Weeks
10. Coal's Comeback: Can Coal Become a Clean Energy Source?
Rachel S. Cox
11. Ecotourism: Does It Help or Hurt Fragile Lands and Cultures?
Peter Katel
12. Rebuilding New Orleans: Should Flood-Prone Areas Be Redeveloped?
Jennifer Weeks
13. Protecting Wetlands: Is the Government Doing Enough?
Peter Behr
14. Looming Water Crisis: Is the World Running Out of Water?
Colin Woodard
15. Oceans in Crisis: Can the Loss of Ocean Biodiversity Be Halted?
Adriel Bettelheim
16. Biofuels Boom: Can Ethanol Satisfy America's Thirst for Foreign Oil?
Jennifer Weeks
17. Fish Farming: Is It Safe for Humans and the Environment?

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2. Curbing Climate Change

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