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Journal of Criminology

Journal of Criminology

eISSN: 26338084 | ISSN: 26338076 | Current volume: 55 | Current issue: 4 Frequency: 3 Times/Year

The Journal of Criminology is an international peer-reviewed journal in the field of criminology. Originally
published under the title of the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology, it expressly seeks to publish innovative theoretical, empirical and policy-oriented research from around the world as well as maintaining a strong commitment to high quality research in the Australasian region.

The Journal of Criminology is particularly interested in submissions falling within the following categories:

  • Conceptually-oriented articles, especially on new and emerging themes, that deal with, or relate to, the areas of criminology and criminal justice
  • Policy-focused articles proposing fresh thinking and new ideas in response to new and emerging, as well as established, policy challenges in these areas
  • Empirical articles that break new ground on criminological topics and which use new or innovative methodologies
Asher Flynn Monash University, Australia
Rebecca Wickes Griffith University, Australia
Managing Editor
Sharyn Goudie Flinders University, Australia
Associate Editors
Rachel Condry University of Oxford, UK
Thomas Holt Michigan State University, USA
Monique Marks Durban University of Technology, South Africa
Rebecca Wickes Griffith University, Australia
Rebecca Wong City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Statistical Editor
Michael Townsley Griffith University, Australia
Book Review Editor
R.V. Gundur Flinders University, Australia
Editorial Board
Wim Bernasco University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
John Braithwaite Australian National University, Australia
David Bright Flinders University, Australia
Kerry Carrington Queensland University of Technology, Australia
Janet Chan University of New South Wales, Australia
Adrian Cherney University of Queensland, Australia
Kyllie Cripps University of New South Wales, Australia
Kathleen Daly Griffith University, Australia
Antje Deckert Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand
Susan Dennison Griffth University, Australia
James A. Densley Metropolitan State University, USA
Fiona Dowsley Department of Justice and Regulation, Victoria, Australia
Benoit Dupont University of Montreal, Canada
Marleen Easton Ghent University, Belgium
Moses Faleolo Victoria University of Wellington , New Zealand
Stephan Farrall University of Derby, UK
Mark Finnane Griffith University, Australia
Asher Flynn Monash University, Australia
Arie Freiberg Monash University, Australia
Benjamin Goold University of British Columbia, Canada
Kevin Haggerty University of Alberta, Canada
Murray Lee University of Sydney, Australia
Simon Mackenzie Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Elena Marchetti University of Wollongong, Australia
Lorraine Mazerolle University of Queensland, Australia
Eugene McLaughlin City University, London, UK
Sharon Pickering Monash University, Australia
Alex Piquero University of Miami, USA
John Pratt Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Janet Ransley Griffith University, Australia
Danielle Reynald Griffith University, Australia
Rick Sarre University of South Australia, Australia
James Sheptycki York University, Canada
Hilde Tubex University of Western Australia, Australia
Alison Wakefield University of West London, UK
David Wall University of Leeds, UK
Ian Warren Deakin University, Australia
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