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A Critical History

First Edition

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May 2004 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Traditional news values no longer hold: infotainment has the day. Journalism is in a terminal state of decline. Or so some contemporary commentators would argue.

Although there has been a great diversity in format and ownership over time, Conboy demonstrates the surprising continuity of concerns in the history of journalism. Questions of political influence, the impact of advertising, the sensationalisation of news coverage, the 'dumbing down' of the press, the economic motives of newspaper owners - these are themes that emerge repeatedly over time and again today.

In this book, Martin Conboy provides a history of the development of newspapers, periodicals and broadcast journalism which

· enables readers to engage critically with contemporary issues within the news media

· outlines the connections, as well as the distinctions, across historical periods

· spans the introduction of printed news to the arrival of the 'new' news media

· demonstrates how journalism has always been informed by a cultural practices broader and more dynamic than the simple provision of news

By situating journalism in its historical context, this book enables students to more fully understand the wide range of practices which constitute contemporary journalism. As such it will be an essential text for students of journalism and the media.


History and Discourse

The Consequences of Printed News
Journalism as Miscellany
Newsbooks and Mercuries

Periodicals and the Formation of the Bourgeois Public Sphere
Profit, Politics and the Public
Radical Journalism
Its Rise and Incorporation

The Discourse of the Fourth Estate
Women's Journalism from Magazines to Mainstream
Popular and Consumer Periodicals
From New Journalism to the Web
Broadcast Technologies and Journalism

As a tool for the student journalist approaching journalism dissertation planning, this is essential reading to give an in depth yet accessible analysis of the story of journalism. Well paced and interesting, yet sufficiently rigourous for academic study.

Miss Hilary Scott
Arts - Media, English & Culture, University of Northampton
September 5, 2012

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