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Journey to Adulthood

Journey to Adulthood
East Asian Perspectives

Edited by:
  • Chin-Chun Yi - Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
  • Ming-Chang Tsai - Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences, Academia Sinica

January 2023 | 440 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This book is the first scientific publication on transition to adulthood in East Asia with most chapters utilizing a longitudinal panel dataset of Taiwanese youth from 2000 to 2018 (i.e., from age 14 to 32).  Enabled by systematic analyses on family formation process, school to work transition, marriage and family dynamics, this book portrays typical growth trajectories of contemporary youths in East Asia, where they face tremendous challenges in the process of transition to adulthood, especially in their relationships with parents as well as with the market economy and social normative expectations about their material achievement, family formation and childbearing. 

Findings delineate the interplay of resources and norms during their journey to adulthood, and advance theory-informed interpretations and provisions of the future experiences of youths in East Asia. Chapters from Japan, South Korea and China are added to bring most recent research in this region for readers with comparative interests.

An essential reference work for researchers with an interest in East Asia and Youth Studies. 
Chin-Chun Yi and Ming-Chang Tsai
Transition to Adulthood in East Asia: Introduction
Chia-Hua Liu
Marriage Intention and the Subsequent Marriage in Taiwan
Chin-Chun Yi
Marrying Early or Remaining Single in Taiwan: The Choice of Young Adults
Michael Gebel
Education-to-work Transitions and Youth’s Psychological Well-being
Ming-Chang Tsai
Landing a Middle-Class Position: College Degree, Occupational Status and Income of Young Adults in Taiwan
Tsui-o Tai, Yi-Fu Chen and Hsien-Chih Tu
Domestic Labor Involvement of Young Taiwanese Couples in Different Partnership and Parenthood Statuses
Yi-Ping Shih
Does Having a Grandchild Strengthen Intergenerational Solidarity? Financial, Instrumental, and Emotional Support Exchanges in Taiwan
Wan-chi Chen and Hao-Chun Cheng
Childcare Arrangements Among Young Parents in Taiwan
Ju-Ping, Lin, Chia-Wen, Yu and Chiu-Hua, Huang
Parent-child Relationships from Adolescence to Early Adulthood: The Role of Conceptions of Adulthood
Yuh-Huey Jou
Norms and Relations: Developmental Self-Esteem Trajectory and Its Determinants from Adolescence to Adulthood
Yi-fu Chen and Chyi-In Wu
Early Delinquency Trajectory and Developmental Outcomes in Adulthood: Findings from the Taiwan Youth Project
Hiroshi Ishida
School-to-Work Transition among High School Students in Japan: School-mediated System and Labor Market Outcomes
Min Young Song and Ki-Soo Eun
No More Gender Gaps? Gendered Employment Patterns of Young College Graduates in South Korea since 2000
Xiaogang Wu and Maocan Guo
Who Rises Higher in First Job Attainment? Trends and Patterns of School-to-Work Transition in Hong Kong

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