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Just Teaching

Just Teaching
Feedback, Engagement, and Well-Being for Each Student

March 2023 | 232 pages | Corwin

Elevating the essential work of today’s teachers

Teaching is life-giving work, essential for the development of thriving humans. It is devastating to hear teachers refer to themselves as “just teachers” as if they are powerless and without status. What if we turned the phrase’s meaning upside-down and claimed its redemptive power? “Just teachers” care for each student. Teachers who are just, cultivate freedom, justice, and flourishing.

This book will have readers "just teaching" in the best sense of the phrase! Just Teaching has been written for teachers who want to develop the best ways to serve students based on research on how students learn. This book shows how to use appropriate tools, based on the wisdom of generations of educators, in a focused, sustainable way. Readers will find:

  • evidence-based practices to support student feedback, engagement, and wellbeing (for students and teachers, too)
  • case studies from familiar classroom perspectives
  • useful technology suggestions  
  • solutions tools for building an overarching approach to meeting the needs of individual students

By addressing feedback, engagement, and well-being in ways that are founded on justice and love for students, Just Teaching supports comprehensive, manageable learning while elevating the essential work of educators.

Chapter 1: Each Before All
Part 1: Wellbeing
Chapter 2: Maslow before Bloom
Chapter 3: Humans before Outcomes
Part 2: Engagement
Chapter 4: Cs before As
Chapter 5: Inviting before demanding
Part 3: Feedback
Chapter 6: Habits before goals
Chapter 7: Feedback before Grades
Part 4: Thriving
Chapter 8: Growing Giants
Epilogue: Focus on what’s essential

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