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Juvenile Justice

Juvenile Justice
A Guide to Theory, Policy, and Practice

Eighth Edition

January 2014 | 472 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Brief, focused, and up-to-date, this must-have text takes students on a journey through the juvenile justice system by covering topics such as the history of the juvenile justice system, crime measurements, theories of crime causation, the juvenile justice process, community-based sanctions, treatment and rehabilitation, gangs, and international youth crime. Featuring new examples and new illustrations, this thoroughly updated Eighth Edition helps students develop a comprehensive understanding of the interrelationships among theory, policy, and the practical world of juvenile justice today.
Chapter 1. Juvenile Justice in Historical Perspective
Chapter 2. Defining and Measuring Offenses by and Against Juveniles
Chapter 3. Characteristics of Juvenile Offenders
Chapter 4. Theories of Causation
Chapter 5. Child Abuse and Neglect
Chapter 6. Purpose and Scope of Juvenile Court Acts
Chapter 7. Juvenile Justice Procedures
Chapter 7. Juvenile Justice Procedures
Chapter 8. Juveniles and the Police
Chapter 9. Key Figures in Juvenile Court Proceedings
Chapter 10. Prevention and Diversion Programs
Chapter 11. Dispositional Alternatives
Chapter 12. Violent Juveniles and Gangs
Chapter 13. Juvenile Justice Around the World
Chapter 14. The Future of Juvenile Justice

I like how well this book explains all the different aspects of JJ and although it claims to not go in to much depth in delinquency, I think it is enough that I can supplement that discussion with other resources for a balanced approach. Some of the later chapters are really text heavy and parts of the book are out of date. More recent research and removal of the term mental retardation are important for the next version.

Dr Taryn VanderPyl
Sociology Anthropology Dept, Pacific University
February 22, 2016

This book provides a clear overiew of theory, policy and practice in relation to Juvenile Justice.

Ms Eileen Farrell
Business and Humanities, Institute of Technology Carlow
March 9, 2015

We have adopted this text as it gives and clear and structured overview of the theories which underpin Juvenille Justice.

Ms Eileen Farrell
Business and Humanities, Institute of Technology Carlow
June 10, 2014

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