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Knowing Feminisms

Knowing Feminisms
On Academic Borders, Territories and Tribes

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March 1997 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Knowing Feminisms looks at feminism as a vital source of new knowledge and new ways of working throughout a range of disciplines. It also scrutinizes the sometimes highly problematic forms its presence within academia can take. The contributors, all well-known feminist academics, discuss the epistemological and ontological `borderlands' that feminisms inhabit, which although within, still remain `other' to, the academy.

The book addresses fundamentally important questions such as: Should feminists work within traditional disciplines or abandon them in favour of Women's Studies? Is the idea of feminist pedagogy as `empowerment' actually one which de-skills? Does the feminist transformation of some academic disciplines signify that these are no longer significant sites of knowledge and/or power? Do the essential organizational features of disciplines and institutions depend upon repressive means, or is it possible to transform these according to feminist principles? Are some disciplines and types of institutions particularly resistant to feminist ideas? Is an intellectual `home' for feminism ever possible or desirable within academia, or is critical thinking best done from the margins? Can Women's Studies as an organizational presence within the university encompass dissenting positions on these foundational questions, or will it contain and control what can be said and by whom?

On Academic Borders, Territories, Tribes and Knowledges

Anne Seller
Whose Women's Studies? Whose Philosophy? Whose Borderland?
Gina Mercer
Feminist Pedagogy to the Letter
A Musing on Contradictions

Mary Evans
Negotiating the Frontier
Women and Resistance in the Contemporary Academy

Angela Montgomery
In Law and Outlaw? The Tale of a Journey
Jean Orr
Nursing the Academy
Chris Corrin
Bordering on Change
Sue Wilkinson
Still Seeking Transformation
Feminist Challenges to Psychology

Elaine Graham
Feminist Theology
Myth, Mystery or Monster?

Sue Wise
What Are Feminist Academics For?
Carol Brown
Dancing between Hemispheres
Negotiating Routes for the Dancer-Academic

Johanna Alberti
A Fantasy of Belonging?
Uma Kothari
Identity and Representation
Experiences of Teaching a Neo-Colonial Discipline

Ailbhe Smyth
Borderline Crosstalk
Liz Stanley
Writing the Borders
Episodic and Theoretic Thoughts on Not/Belonging

Kathy Davis
What's a Nice Girl Like You Doing in a Place Like This? The Ambivalences of Professional Feminism
Knowing Feminisms and Passing Women
A Conclusion


`Knowing Feminisms is an analysis of the complex relationship of the feminist academic with her profession... This book is an excellent compilation of feminist critiques from the standpoint of women in seven academic disciplines' - NWSA Journal

`Stanley's collection aims to avert the feminist gaze away from those "others" who are its subject matter, "and a little towards this `gaze' itself, to the process of knowledge production"... a necessary read' - Feminist Magazine

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