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Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management
Theory in Practice

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October 2019 | 528 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

An overview of what knowledge management is, the theoretical basis behind it, and practical insights into how it can be implemented effectively in a professional setting.

Starting with a discussion of how knowledge management has evolved, how it adds value for organisations, and how it's success can be measured. The book then covers best practice and the key activities associated with doing knowledge management, including knowledge strategy, managing knowledge loss and knowledge sharing. Finishing with a discussion of knowledge management’s role in international business and what future developments are expected in the field.

Practical insights are drawn from around the world, with case studies such as how NASA forgot how to send a man to the Moon, Acer: The smiling Asian tiger, and why Saudi Arabia’s experts do not learn from overseas experts.

The book is supported by online resources for lecturers and students, including PowerPoint slides, an instructor’s manual, access to SAGE journal articles, and scorecards for measuring usefulness of knowledge management tools.

Suitable reading for undergraduate and postgraduate business and management students on knowledge management & organizational learning modules.

Part I: Managing Knowledge
Chapter 1. Knowledge
Chapter 2. Knowledge Management
Chapter 3. Measuring the Performance of Knowledge Management
Chapter 4. The Value of Knowledge
Part II: Knowledge Management in Practice
Chapter 5. Knowledge Strategy
Chapter 6. Measuring and Managing Knowledge Loss
Chapter 7. Using Knowledge
Chapter 8. Organizational Learning and the Learning Organization
Chapter 9. Knowledge Sharing
Part 3: Knowledge Management Perspectives
Chapter 10. Productivity
Chapter 11. Organizational Systems
Chapter 12. International Business Management
Chapter 13. What Next for Knowledge Management


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·       Further Reading

·       Glossary Flashcards

·       Scorecards


·       Instructor Manual

·       PowerPoint Slides

·       SAGE journal articles

Interesting and very relevant views on the development of knowledge management

Mr Enis Elezi
Business School, Teesside University
February 14, 2020

I found this an interesting source for myself as background reading, but the overall level of the book is beyond my undergraduate management students. This is not a criticism of the book itself, but simply a reason why it is not appropriate for my course.

Dr Clare Hindley
Language and Communication, IUBH School of Business and Management
November 3, 2020

It has a clear exposition what Knowledge Management means, provides a good basic framework

Professor Karl Koch
Department of Business & Enterprise, London South Bank University
January 14, 2020

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