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Gender and Diversity



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Sample Chapters

Underrepresentation and Gender Differences (The SAGE Handbook of Leadership - 9781848601468)

Gender and Leadership: The Essentialist Debate (Leadership, A Critical Text - 9781446269909)

Gender and Leadership (A Very Short Fairly Interesting and Reasonably Cheap Book About Studying Leadership - 9781849207393)


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What is the role of Gender in Leadership? - (Author Video - Peter Northouse)

The 'Glass Ceiling' is mis-leading - Alice Eagly, Northwestern University

Why we have too few female leaders - Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook


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Journal Articles

Gender Role Self-Concept, Categorical Gender, and Transactional-Transformational Leadership - (Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies 2014, Vol. 21(4) 338–353)

Walking the Talk? Gendered Rhetoric vs. Action in Small Firms - (Organization Studies 26(1): 63–91 ISSN 0170–8406)

Discourses of Leadership: Gender, Identity and Contradiction in a UK Public Sector Organization  - (Jackie Ford, Leadership, Vol 2, Issue 1, pp. 77 - 99)



Case Studies

Diversity - Stephen Page, Artistic Director of Bangarra Dance Theatre(Leadership, Contemporary Critical Perspectives, 9781446294383)

The Glass Ceiling(Leadership, Theory & Practice, 9781506311166)



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Gender and Leadership Quiz -  (Leadership, Theory & Practice - 9781506311166)