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Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations

Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations
Lessons From the Third Sector

First Edition
  • Barry Dym - Institute for Nonprofit Management and Leadership
  • Harry Hutson - WorkWise Research and Consulting

March 2005 | 248 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations is about exemplary leadership as found in both corporate and nonprofit organizations. The authors take a fresh approach to the study of leadership: they perform research in nonprofit organizations both to understand and appreciate their complexities, and to reach conclusions about the nature of leadership in any context, including for-profit and governmental entities. Moving from nonprofit to for-profit in this way reverses the flow of ideas as represented in the mainstream literature of leadership. The authors' journey leads through case studies of remarkable leaders succeeding in complex situations.

The book contains:

- A critical review of literature on leadership which encourages diversity in leadership models and approaches.

- Case studies of nonprofit leadership which affirm public-minded, mission-driven leaders and acknowledge their contributions.

- Chapters on leadership constructs such as fit, dynamics, readiness and flow which provide useful insights and methods to enable success.

- The overarching concept of alignment which reframes leadership as an active process where the awareness of and response to the interplay of multiple, relevant factors matters more than charisma, pedigree or power.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Casa Myrna Vazquez
Chapter 3: Theoretical Alignment
Chapter 4: The Cultural Narrative of Leadership
Chapter 5: Goodness of Fit
Chapter 6: The Alignment Map
Chapter 7: Community Therapeutic Day School: A Beautifully Aligned Organization
Chapter 8: The Dynamics and Cycles of Alignment
Chapter 9: The DNA of Leadership
Chapter 10: The Practice of Alignment
Chapter 11: Utilizing States of Organizational Readiness to Achieve Alignment
Chapter 12: The Alignment Exercise
Chapter 13: Inner Alignment and the Experience of "Flow" in Leadership

"They develop the concept of "good fit" between the leader and complex circumstances in which she or he must lead; they explain how leaders can increase the readiness for change in their organizations."

Naim Kapucu

Very clearly written

Ms Rita Kinsella
Business School, University of East London
January 4, 2019

I found this book useful as a supplementary text for my MBA students in their leadership module. It shows a good understanding of the workings in the third sector.

Dr Chuma Osuchukwu
Postgraduate Faculty, London School of Business and Management
November 24, 2012

Good all round book

Mrs Karen Burton
Health , Neath Port Talbot College
January 12, 2012

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