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Legal Order and Mental Disorder

Legal Order and Mental Disorder

First Edition

January 2000 | 356 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
Legal Order and Mental Order critically appraises the current laws -as enshrined in the Indian Penal Code- relating to the mentally ill and the impact they have on people with mental illness.
Laws Relating to Custody, Care and Treatmen of Persons with Mental Illnes
Insanity and Criminal Responsibility
Insanity, Marriage and Divorce
Property Rights of Persons with Mental Disorder
Contractual Capacity of Persons with Mental Illness
Testamentary Disposition of Property
Protection and Enforcement of Rights
Capacity ot Litigate  
The Political Rights of a Person of Unsound Mind
From Laws Relating to the Mentally Ill to Mental Health Laws

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ISBN: 9780761993247