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Making Sense of Science

Making Sense of Science
Understanding the Social Study of Science

First Edition

November 2004 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
`Fluid, readable and accessible ... I found the overall quality of the book to be excellent. It provides an overview of major (and preceding) developments in the field of science studies. It examines landmark works, authors, concepts and approaches ... I will certainly use this book as one of the course texts'

Eileen Crist, Associate Professor, Science & Technology in Society, Virginia Tech

Science is at the heart of contemporary society and is therefore central to the social sciences. Yet science studies has often encountered resistance from social scientists. This book attempts to remedy this by giving the most extensive, thorough and best argued account of the field and explaining to social scientists why science matters to them.

This is a landmark book that demystifies science studies and successfully bridges the divide between social theory and the sociology of science. Illustrated with relevant, illuminating examples, it provides the ideal guide to science studies and social theory.

Just What Makes Science Special
Framing Commitments: The Strong Programme and the Empirical Programme of Relativisim
Knowledge and Social Interest
Actor-Networks in Science
Gender and Science Studies
Ethnomethodology and the Analysis of Scientific Discourse
Reflection, Explanation and Reflexivity in Science Studies
Experts in Public: Publics' Relationships to Scientific Authority
Figuring out Risks
Science in Law
Speaking Truth to Power: Science and Policy
Conclusion: Science Studies and the 'Crisis' of Representation

Yearley's 'Making Sense of Science' is a fantastic introductory text on the Sociology of Science. We do not have time in class to explain the theoretical underpinnings of each of the main standpoints in the Sociology of Science, and so this text provides students with the necessary groundwork to understand each different approach. Certainly an essential read.

Dr Geth Rees
Schl Geography, Politics & Sociology, Newcastle University
September 23, 2015

Making sense of Science is an elegant book summarizing the main theories, approaches, debates and controversies in the field of Social Studies of Science and Technology. The book can be of particular interest for postgraduate students arriving the field from different backgrounds. Yearley’s book is an effective textbook for introductory disciplines about the social character of science and technology. It also provides a nice roadmap for the reader go deeper in these discussions and improve the understanding about Science in Society.

Dr Hugo Pinto
Faculty of Economics, University of the Algarves
November 26, 2013

A clear and vivid reference on the social study of science.

Mr Mohd Fazrul Wan
June 13, 2013

The book provides a good overview of the STS field and makes for a fine textbook.

Mr Kristian Nielsen
Centre for Science Studies, Aarhus University
November 6, 2012

Excellent overview of science studies, useful as background reading for debates underpinning the course

Dr Dave O'Brien
Dept of Cultural Policy & Management, City University
August 11, 2012

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