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Managing a Diverse Workforce

Managing a Diverse Workforce
Learning Activities

Third Edition

January 2011 | 144 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Managing a Diverse Workforce provides a comprehensive set of learning activities that address issues related to workplace diversity. Participation in these exercises helps students gain a greater appreciation of the wide range of issues that arise when people classify themselves or are classified by others as members of different groups, on whatever basis. More than half of the 30 learning activities are new to this
Third Edition.

The learning activities have several noteworthy features:


- They explore the impact of diversity on the basis of numerous personal characteristics, including gender, race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, physical and mental abilities, national culture, religion, socioeconomic status, education, appearance, weight, marital status, and parental status.

- They address pre-organizational and organizational entry issues as well as issues that arise in the workplace.

- They examine issues pertaining to individuals’ work and personal lives and to society as a whole.

- They consider what it is like to manage, be managed by, and work with diverse others as peers.

- They offer powerful learning experiences that involve individuals, groups, and entire classes or training programs.

- They offer different types of learning experiences, including diagnostic instruments, role plays, and simulations.

- They draw upon many types of work settings, including both business and not-for-profit organizations.

- Managing a Diverse Workforce is a perfect companion to core texts in workforce diversity, managing diversity, and human resource development, including Gary Powell's Women and Men in Management, Fourth Edition.

Introduction/Dimensions of Diversity
1. Your Pie Chart
2. People Like Us
Working with People in the Majority Group
3. Becoming a Minority
Working with People from a Different National Culture
4. Would You Repeat That?
Being Socialized
5. Gender-Based Perceptions
6. Once Upon a Time
Making Employment Decisions
7. Consulting Analyst Wanted
8. Who Gets Hired?
Working in Diverse Teams
9. The Prison “Break”
Promoting Positive Race Relations
10. Beyond O. J.
Leading People
11. Designer Decorations
Dealing with Sexuality in the Workplace
12. Dealing With Sexually Oriented Behavior
13. Mixing Sex and Work
Managing the Work-Family Interface
14. Have I Got Good News for Us!
15. Managing From a Distance
Pursuing a Career
16. Networking Role Play
Working as a Non-Family Member in a Family Firm
17. We Are Family
Working with People with Disabilities
18. Puzzled Perceptions
19. Sara’s Acting Strange Lately
Working with People of a Different Age
20. The Older Employee
21. The College Graduate
Promoting Nondiscrimination
22. Diversity Incidents
Promoting Diversity
23. Affirmative Action at Ole State
Promoting Inclusion
24. The Inclusive Workplace

This workbook of exercises is a nice supplement to the corresponding Powell text.

Professor Shelle Poole
Sociology Dept, Boise State University
October 27, 2012

Love that is it up to date current research. It replaced my prior Powell text for the same course

Professor Shelle Poole
Sociology Dept, Boise State University
October 27, 2012

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