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Managing Business Ethics

Managing Business Ethics
Making Ethical Decisions

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January 2020 | 456 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Managing Business Ethics: Making Ethical Decisions teaches students how to navigate ethical issues they will encounter using the weight-of-reasons approach applied throughout the book. This decision-making framework’s goal is not to faithfully apply particular philosophical perspectives on what is right, but rather to solve ethical problems. The authors underscore the need for employees at all levels to carefully consider the ethical implications of their actions using this approach and it can be applied at the individual, organizational, and stakeholder levels. Chapters provide a case to walk through application of the framework and mini-cases allow students to practice applying this framework on their own. A wide range of real-world case studies are presented, featuring companies such as Facebook, Google, Wells Fargo, Volkswagen, and Amazon. 

This practical, down-to-earth text also delves into topics not covered extensively by other books such as slow and fast thinking, the inherent conflict between the individual and organization, conformity, and the difficulties of speaking truth to power. Students are offered ample opportunity to engage in thoughtful reflection, discussion, and application as they grapple with ethical issues big and small.

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Part I: Introduction to Ethical Decision Making - The Individual
Chapter 1: A Common Sense Approach to Business Ethics
Chapter 2: Using Ethical Reasoning
Chapter 3: Thinking Fast and Slow: Ethical Intuitions and Reasoning
Part II: The Organizational Context for Ethical Decision-Making
Chapter 4: Managing Social Influences on Ethical Decision-Making
Chapter 5: From Short-Term Fixes to Long-Term Solutions
Chapter 6: Building Ethical Organizations
Part III: The Societal Contest for Ethical Decision-Making
Chapter 7: Legal Compliance and Beyond
Chapter 8: The Role of Stakeholders in Ethical Decision-Making
Chapter 9: Ethics, Strategy, and Grand Challenges
Chapter 10: Cases


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