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Managing Emerging Data Technologies

Managing Emerging Data Technologies
Concepts and Use

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November 2022 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Emerging data technologies are one of several forces that are changing the world. This textbook shows how technologies such as the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and data analytics are altering business operations and strategy.

Following a unique, three-part structure, the book offers:

• a macro view of the environmental drivers which are changing organisations
• a meso view of how organisations and business functions are responding
• a micro view of the skills needed to take advantage of the new opportunities that these technologies bring

A wide range of examples featuring well-known companies aid understanding, while practical activities help students to develop the skills they need in business. A downloadable teaching guide and PowerPoints are available for those using the book in their teaching.  

Managing Emerging Data Technologies: Concepts and Use
 is essential reading for upper-undergraduate and postgraduate students of courses related to new digital data technologies in business, as well as anyone looking to use these technologies in their organisation.

Duncan R. Shaw teaches business strategy and data technology strategy at business schools around the world, including Alliance Manchester Business School in Hong Kong, and Nottingham University Business School in the UK and Malaysia.
The Forces Acting On Organisations
How Change Forces Affect Organisations
Analysing How Change Forces Affect Organisations
How Organisations Are Responding
How To Build New Types Of Relationships With Customers
How To Develop New Ways Of Creating Value And New Business Models
How Data-Driven Organisations Organise Their People
How To Build And Govern A Business Ecosystem
Skills To Help Organisations Respond
How To Understand What Customers Really Need
How To Design And Produce What Customers Need
Elements Of A Data And Decision-Making Strategy

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