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Media, Communication and Development

Media, Communication and Development
Three Approaches

First Edition
  • Linje Manyozo - London School of Economics and Political Science, UK

September 2012 | 284 pages | SAGE India
Media, Communication and Development: Three Approaches explores and revisits the perspectives of Nora C Quebral, whose seminal work still remains a Magna Carta on the topic of development communication. It explores the three primary approaches—media for development, media development and participatory and community communication—which have characterised most debates in the field of media, communication and development.


The book is theoretically engaging and brings in postcolonial perspectives in discussing the core concepts, but at the same time is easy-to-understand, as it illustrates the complex and multidisciplinary concepts through case studies from both the global south and the global north.


Nora C Quebral

Media, Communication and Development: Schools of Thought and Approaches

The Media for Development Approach : Emphasis on Content

The Media Development Approach: Emphasis on Structure

The Participatory Communication Approach: Emphasis on Process

Power, Participation and Policy in Media, Communication and Development

Postscript: The Day Development Dies (and the Expert Survives)



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