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Media Literacy - International Student Edition

Media Literacy - International Student Edition

Tenth Edition

February 2021 | 504 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

In this media-saturated world, we must learn how to navigate through the overwhelming flood of information so that we can avoid the risks and maximize its potential to help us. Media Literacy shows you how: Drawing from thousands of media research studies, author W. James Potter explores the key components to understanding the fascinating world of mass media.

In this thoroughly updated and revised Tenth Edition, Potter presents more discussions of digital media and numerous examples and facts to help you understand how the media operate, how they attract your attention, and how they influence you. Each chapter concludes with a set of exercises to help you apply the chapter material to everyday life and engage in a step-by-step process to increase your own media literacy.

About the Author
Chapter 1: Why Increase Media Literacy?
Chapter 2: Media Literacy Approach
Chapter 3: Broadening Our Perspective on Media Effects
Chapter 4: How Does the Media Effects Process Work?
Chapter 5: Development of the Mass Media Industries
Chapter 6: Economic Perspective
Chapter 7: Audience: Industry Perspective
Chapter 8: Audience: Individual Perspective
Chapter 9: Entertainment
Chapter 10: Advertising
Chapter 11: News
Chapter 12: Competitive Experiences
Chapter 13: Social Networking Experiences
Chapter 14: Acquisition Experiences
Chapter 15: Helping Yourself and Others to Increase Media Literacy
Issue 1: Ownership of Media
Issue 2: Sports
Issue 3: Media Violence
Issue 4: Privacy

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