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Medical Evaluation of Physically and Sexually Abused Children

Medical Evaluation of Physically and Sexually Abused Children

  • Carol Jenny - Hasbro Childrens Hospital, Providence, RI

May 2013 | 160 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
ôThis volume serves as both a very good translation of medical terms as well as a guide pointing to which aspects of thee findings in a medical examination are significant and which are not. In addition, the book provides extensive bibliographies of a variety of topics associated with child physical and sexual abuse.ö''ùAnne Boydston Park, Cabrini College''''As a health professional working with sexually abused children, your goal is to obtain the most thorough and accurate assessment of a child's condition. Medical Evaluation of Physically and Sexually Abused Children introduces the current spectrum of knowledge on physical and sexual abuse in the medical literature. In addition, this resource serves as an integral reference to find specific information among the vast amount available. Balanced coverage features citations to the literature from both sides of issues that remain controversial, and a glossary of medical terms provides accessible definitions. This vital study guide covers critical issues surrounding the accurate diagnosis and evidence taking in suspected physical child abuse, and it provides the necessary assessment guidelines specific to a forensic examination of the sexually assaulted child and sexually transmitted diseases in children.

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