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Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

Three Volume Set
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August 2008 | 1 104 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Mergers and acquisitions play a major role in shaping business activities worldwide and, consequently, is a widely researched area within the field of business and management. It is also a multi-disciplinary area, with very few topics cutting across so many different functional areas of business or generating interest across such a wide range of groups as this one. This three-volume major work critically examines the research on the 'soft side' of mergers and acquisitions, that is strategy and organizational issues. The three volumes cover the following topics:

Volume One: Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A): Merger Trends; Corporate Strategy and M&A Merger Types; Theoretical Explanations for M&A.

Volume Two: The M&A Process: Acquisition Analysis; Negotiation Process; Decision Making Processes; Stakeholder Effects of M&A.

Volume Three: Post-Merger Integration: Corporate Governance; Integration Capabilities; Value Creation.

Definitions and Concepts
The Art of M&A

Reed, Stanley Foster, Alexandra Reed Lajoux, and H. Peter Nesvold
Mergers, Acquisitions, and Corporate Restructurings

Gaughan, Patrick A.,
Applied Mergers and Acquisitions

Bruner, Robert F.
Merger and Acquisition Motives
A Typology of Merger Motives

Baker, H. Kent, Thomas O. Miller, and Brian J. Ramsperger
Management Objectives in Mergers and Acquisitions

Walter, Gordon A. and Jay B. Barney
Merger Motives and Merger Prescriptions

Trautwein, Friedrich
Merger Motives and Target Valuation: A Survey of Evidence from CFOs

Mukherjee, Tarun K., Halil Kiymaz, and H. Kent Baker
Theoretical Determinants of Mergers & Acquisitions
An Economic Disturbance Theory of Mergers

Gort, Michael
Types of Synergy and Economic Value: The Impact of Acquisitions on Merging and Rival Firms

Chatterjee, Sayan
Fashions, Fads, and Bubbles in Financial Markets

Shiller, Robert J.
The Q-Theory of Mergers

Jovanovic, Boyan and Peter L. Rousseau
Manne, Henry G.

Hubris, Agency Costs, and The Market for Corporate Control
Mergers and the Market for Corporate Control
The Market for Corporate Control: A Review of the Evidence

Dodd, Peter
The Hubris Hypothesis of Corporate Takeovers

Roll, Richard
Takeovers: Their Causes and Consequences

Jensen, Michael C.
Organization Theory and the Market for Corporate Control: A Dynamic Analysis of the Characteristics of Large Takeover Targets, 1980-1990

Davis, Gerald F. and Suzanne K. Stout
Merger and Acquisition Waves
Catch a Wave: The Time Series Behavior of Mergers

Golbe, Devra L. and Lawrence J. White
Aggregate Merger Activity: New Evidence on the Wave Hypothesis

Linn, Scott C. and Zhen Zhu
What Drives Merger Waves?

Harford, Jarrad
Corporate Strategy and Mergers & Acquisitions
Diversification via Acquisition: Creating Value

Salter, Malcolm S. and Wolf A. Weinhold
The Changing Role of Acquisitions

Bradley, James W. and Donald H. Korn
Mode of Corporate Diversification and Economic Performance

Lamont, Bruce T. and Carl R. Anderson
From Competitive Advantage to Corporate Strategy

Porter, Michael E.
The Influence of Mergers on Firms' Product-Mix Strategies

Krishnan, Ranjani A., Satish Joshi, and Hema Krishnan
Acquisition Planning and Analysis
Strategic Analysis for More Profitable Acquisitions

Rappaport, Alfred
Decision Making in Mergers: An Application of the Analytic Hierarchy Process

Bagchi, Prabir and Ramesh P. Rao
Constructing a Synergistic Base for Premier Deals

Sirower, Mark L.
Is Attack the Best Form of Defence? A Competing Risks Analysis of Acquisition Activity in the UK

Dickerson, Andrew P., Heather D. Gibson, and Euclid Tsakalotos
Conditions for Asymmetric Information Solutions when Alliances Provide Acquisition Options and Due Diligence

Arend, Richard J.
Acquisition Decision Making
Conjectures on Cognitive Simplification in Acquisition and Divestment Decision Making

Duhaime, Irene M. and Charles R. Schwenk
Corporate Acquisitions: A Process Perspective

Jemison, David B. and Sim B. Sitkin
Acquisition Decision-Making Processes: The Central Role of Risk

Pablo, Amy L., Sim B. Sitkin, and David B. Jemison
A Study of Escalating Commitment in Principal-Agent Relationships: Effects of Monitoring and personal Responsibility

Kirby, Susan L. and Mark A. Davis
Predicting a Firm's Forecasting Ability: The Roles of Organizational Illusion of Control and Organizational Attention

Durand, Rodolphe
Post-Merger Employee Effects
Acculturation in Mergers and Acquisitions

Nahavandi, Afsaneh and Ali R. Malekzadeh
The Psychological Impact of Merger and Acquisition on the Individual: A Study of Building Society Managers

Cartwright, Sue and Cary L. Cooper
Changes in Employee Attitudes After an Acquisition

Newman, Jerry M. and Frank J. Krzystofiak
National and Corporate Cultural Fit in Mergers/Acquisitions: An Exploratory Study

Weber, Yaakov, Oded Shenkar, and Adi Raveh
Cultural Conflict and Merger Failure: An Experimental Approach

Weber, Roberto A. and Colin F. Camerer
Post-Merger Top Management Team Effects
Top Management Turnover Following Mergers and Acquisitions

Walsh, James P.
Relative Standing: A Framework for Understanding Departures of Acquired Executives

Hambrick, Donald C. and Albert A. Cannella, Jr.
Diversification and Top Management Team Complementarity: Is performance Improved by Merging Similar or Dissimilar Teams?

Krishnan, Hema A., Alex Miller, and William Q. Judge
Executive Retention and Acquisition Outcomes: A Test of Opposing Views on the Influence of Organizational Tenure

Bergh, Donald D.
Executive Turnover in Acquired Firms: An Analysis of Resource-Based Theory and the Upper Echelons Perspective

Krug, Jeffrey A.
Merger Integration
Communication With Employees Following a Merger: A Longitudinal Field Experiment

Schweiger, David M. and Angelo S. DeNisi
Determinants of Acquisition Integration Level: A Decision-Making Perspective,

Pablo, Amy L.
Is Speed of Integration Really a Success Factor of Mergers and Acquisitions? An Analysis of the Role of Internal and External Relatedness

Homburg, Christian and Matthias Bucerius
A Paradox of Synergy: Contagion and Capacity Effects in Mergers and Acquisitions

Shaver, J. Myles
Determinants of Merger Performance
An Exploratory Study of Strategic Acquisition Factors Relating to Performance

Kusewitt, John B., Jr.
Synergies and Post-Acquisition Performance: Differences versus Similarities in Resource Allocations

Harrison, Jeffrey S., Michael A. Hitt, Robert E. Hoskisson, and R. Duane Ireland
Understanding Acquisition Performance: The Role of Transfer Effects

Finkelstein, Sydney and Jerayr Haleblian
Closing Resource Gaps: Toward a Resource-Based Theory of Advantageous Mergers and Acquisitions

Eschen, Erik and Rudi KF Bresser
Measuring the Performance of Corporate Acquisitions: An Empirical Comparison of Alternative Metrics

Schoenberg, Richard
Best Practices
Why Do They Keep Leaving?

Krug, Jeffrey A.
Creating the New Company at the Top

Fubini, David G., Colin Price, and Maurizio Zollo
Integration Managers: Special Leaders for Special Times

Ashkenas, Ronald N. and Suzanne C. Francis
The Intelligent Clean Room: Ensuring Value Capture in Mergers and Acquisitions

Chanmugam, Ravi, Walt Shill, David Mann, Kristen Ficery, and Bill Pursche
An Analysis of Advisor Choice, Fees, and Effort in Mergers and Acquisitions

Hunter, William C. and Julapa Jagtiani

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