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Methodological Innovations in Social Psychology

Methodological Innovations in Social Psychology

Five Volume Set
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October 2014 | 2 112 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

A hallmark of contemporary social psychology is the methodological inventiveness of its researchers. Social psychologists are relentless in their pursuit of novel methods with which to advance their understanding of social behavior. Indeed, some of the most important new methods of the past three decades have come out of social psychological laboratories, and the result is the rapid advance of the social psychological toolbox.

This five-volume collection brings together a diverse assortment of the most important contributions in this area, combining methodology with substantive empiricism, and including papers that represent many of the most important methodological innovations to emerge from the past few decades of research. Compiled and introduced by a leading voice in the field, this major work has been created to serve as a far-reaching and conceptually broad resource for scholars worldwide.

Volume One: Lab Methods for Studying Social Cognitive Processes  

Volume Two: Lab Methods for Studying Other Social-Psychological Processes  

Volume Three: Methods for Studying Social Psychological Processes in Naturalistic Settings  

Volume Four: Quantitative Tools and Applications: Classic Issues and Approaches

Volume Five: Quantitative Tools and Applications: Contemporary Innovations 

A Lady in Distress: Inhibiting Effects of Friends and Strangers on Bystander Intervention

Bibb Latane and Judith Rodin
Mood and Persuasion a Cognitive Response Analysis

Herbert Bless, Gerd Bohner, Norbert Schwarz and Fritz Strack
Subliminal Mere Exposure: Specific, General, and Diffuse Effects

Jennifer Monahan, Sheila Murphy and R. Zajonc
Ego Depletion: Is the Active Self a Limited Resource?

Roy Baumeister et al.
Category Accessibility and Impression Formation

E. Tory Higgins, William Rholes and Carl Jones
Automaticity of Social Behavior: Direct Effects of Trait Construct and Stereotype Activation on Action

John Bargh, Mark Chen and Lara Burrows
Emotion Congruence in Perception

Paula Niedenthal and Marc Setterlund
Social Psychological Procedures for Cognitive Response Assessment: The Thought-Listing Technique

John Cacioppo and Richard Petty
Naturalistic Social Cognition: Empathic Accuracy in Mixed-Sex Dyads

William Ickes et al.
Attitudes towards Objects as Predictors of Single and Multiple Behavioral Criteria

Martin Fishbein and Icek Ajzen
Measuring Individual Differences in Implicit Cognition: The Implicit Association Test

Anthony Greenwald, Debbie McGhee and Jordan Schwartz
The Go/No-Go Association Task

Brian Nosek and Mahzarin Banaji
On the Automatic Activation of Attitudes

Russell Fazio et al.
An Inkblot for Attitudes: Affect Misattribution as Implicit Measurement

B. Keith Payne et al.
Ten Frequently Asked Questions about Implicit Measures and Their Frequently Supposed, but Not Entirely Correct Answers

Bertram Gawronski
The Bogus Pipeline: A New Paradigm for Measuring Affect and Attitude

Edward Jones and Harold Sigall
The Road to Agreement: Subgroup Pressures in Small Group Consensus Processes

William Godwin and Frank Restle
Social Categorization and Intergroup Behaviour

Henri Tajfel et al.
Cooperative and Competitive Behavior in Mixed-Motive Games

Philip Gallo, Jr and Charles McClintock
Behavior, Communication, and Assumptions about Other People's Behavior in a Commons Dilemma Situation

Robyn Dawes, Jeanne McTavish and Harriet Shaklee
Cyberball: A Program for Use in Research on Interpersonal Ostracism and Acceptance

Kipling Williams and Blair Jarvis
The Experimental Generation of Interpersonal Closeness: A Procedure and Some Preliminary Findings

Arthur Aron et al.
Emotion Elicitation Using Films

James Gross and Robert Levenson
Looking at Pictures: Affective, Facial, Visceral, and Behavioral Reactions

Peter Lang et al.
A Psychometric Evaluation of the Facial Action Coding System for Assessing Spontaneous Expression

Michael Sayette et al.
Electromyographic Activity over Facial Muscle Regions Can Differentiate the Valence and Intensity of Affective Reactions

John Cacioppo et al.
Subjective, Physiological, and Behavioral Effects of Threat and Challenge Appraisal

Joe Tomaka et al.
Effects of Task Strain, Social Conflict, and Emotional Activation on Ambulatory Cardiovascular Activity: Daily Life Consequences of Recurring Stress in a Multiethnic Adult Sample

Thomas Kamarck et al.
The ‘Trier Social Stress Test’ – A Tool for Investigating Psychobiological Stress Responses in a Laboratory Setting

Clemens Kirschbaum, Karl-Martin Pirke and Dirk Hellhammer
The Pain of Social Disconnection: Examining the Shared Neural Underpinnings of Physical and Social Pain

Naomi Eisenberger
Self-Regulatory Depletion Increases Emotional Reactivity in the Amygdale

Dylan Wagner and Todd Heatherton
Attitudes to the Right: Evaluative Processing Is Associated with Lateralized Late Positive Event Related Brain Potentials

John Cacioppo, Stephen Crites, Jr and Wendi Gardner
Immersive Virtual Environment Technology as a Methodological Tool for Social Psychology

Jim Blascovich et al.
Marital Interaction and Satisfaction: A Longitudinal View

John Gottman and Lowell Krokoff
TEMPO: A Time-based System for Analysis of Group Interaction Process

Gail Clark Futoran, Janice Kelly and Joseph McGrath
A Basic Paradigm for the Study of Unstructured Dyadic Interaction

William Ickes
Stimulus Sampling and Social Psychological Experimentation

Gary Wells and Paul Windschitl
Some Evidence for Heightened Sexual Attraction under Conditions of High Anxiety

Donald Dutton and Arthur Aron
Reducing Intergroup Prejudice and Conflict Using the Media: A Field Experiment in Rwanda

Elizabeth Levy Paluck
Methodological Issues in Psychological Research on Culture

Fons Van de Vijver and Kwok Leung
Back-Translation for Cross-Cultural Research

Richard Brislin
Measurement in Cross-Cultural Psychology a Review and Comparison of Strategies

C. Harry Hui and Harry Triandis
Diary Methods: Capturing Life as It Is Lived

Niall Bolger, Angelina Davis and Eshkol Rafaeli
Now and Then, Them and Us, This and That: Studying Relationships across Time, Partner, Context, and Person

Shelly Gable and Harry Reis
The Ecology of Adolescent Activity and Experience

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Reed Larson and Suzanne Prescott
Studying Social Interaction with the Rochester Interaction Record

Harry Reis and Ladd Wheeler
A Survey Method for Characterizing Daily Life Experience: The Day Reconstruction Method

Daniel Kahneman et al.
The Electronically Activated Recorder (EAR): A Device for Sampling Naturalistic Daily Activities and Conversations

Matthias Mehl et al.
The Psychological Meaning of Words: LIWC and Computerized Text Analysis Methods

Yla Tausczik and James Pennebaker
Putting Stress into Words: Health, Linguistic, and Therapeutic Implications

James Pennebaker
A Review of Facebook Research in the Social Sciences

Robert Wilson, Samuel Gosling and Lindsay Graham
Happy Tweets: Christians Are Happier, More Socially Connected, and Less Analytical than Atheists on Twitter

Ryan Ritter el al.
The Smartphone Psychology Manifesto

Geoffrey Miller
Should We Trust Web-based Studies? A Comparative Analysis of Six Preconceptions about Internet Questionnaires

Samuel Gosling et al.
Incentives in Web Studies: Methodological Issues and a Review

Anja Göritz
Amazon's Mechanical Turk a New Source of Inexpensive, Yet High-Quality, Data?

Michael Buhrmester, Tracy Kwang and Samuel Gosling
Factors Relevant to the Validity of Experiments in Social Settings

Donald Campbell
Convergent and Discriminant Validation by the Multitrait-Multimethod Matrix

Donald Campbell and Donald Fiske
External Validity Is More Than Skin Deep: Some Answers to Criticisms of Laboratory Experiments

Leonard Berkowitz and Edward Donnerstein
In Defense of External Invalidity

Douglas Mook
Research in the Psychological Laboratory Truth or Triviality?

Craig Anderson, James Lindsay and Brad Bushman
On the Social Psychology of the Psychological Experiment

Martin Orne
On the Social Psychology of the Psychological Experiment: The Experimenter's Hypothesis as Unintended Determinant of Experimental Results

Robert Rosenthal
Instructional Manipulation Checks: Detecting Satisficing to Increase Statistical Power

Daniel Oppenheimer, Tom Meyvis and Nicolas Davidenko
Deception in Psychological Research When Is Its Use Justified?

Larry Christensen
College sophomores in the Lab: Influences of a Narrow Data Base on Social Psychology’s View of Human Nature

David Sears
Psychology as the Science of Self-Reports and Finger Movements: Whatever Happened to Actual Behavior?

Roy Baumeister, Kathleen Vohs and David Funder
The Strong Situation Hypothesis

William Cooper and Michael Withey
Aggregation and Beyond: Some Basic Issues on the Prediction of Behavior

Seymour Epstein
Social Class and the Use of Professional Help for Personal Problems: 1957 and 1976

Richard Kulka, Joseph Veroff and Elizabeth Douvan
The Impact of the Gulf War on the Ingredients of Presidential Evaluations: Multidimensional Effects of Political Involvement

Jon Krosnick and Laura Brannon
Campbell’s and Rubin’s Perspectives on Causal Inference

Stephen West and Felix Thoemmes
Cross-Group Friendships and Intergroup Attitudes a Meta-Analytic Review

Kristin Davies et al.
The Relative Benefits of Meta-Analysis Conducted with Individual Participant Data versus Aggregated Data

Harris Cooper and Erika Patall
Social Context, Coping Strategies, and Depressive Symptoms: An Expanded Model with Cardiac Patients

Charles Holohan et al.
Interpersonal Attraction in the Absence of Explicit Attitudinal Information

Rick Hoyle
The Mediator–Moderator Variable Distinction in Social Psychological Research: Conceptual, Strategic, and Statistical Considerations

Reuben Baron and David Kenny
Mediation in Experimental and Nonexperimental Studies: New Procedures and Recommendation

Patrick Shrout and Niall Bolger
Establishing a Causal Chain: Why Experiments Are Often More Effective than Mediational Analyses in Examining Psychological Processes

Steven Spencer, Mark Zanna and Geoffrey Fong
An Introduction to Multilevel Modeling for Social and Personality Psychology

John Nezlek
The Actor–Partner Interdependence Model: A Model of Bidirectional Effects in Developmental Studies

William Cook and David Kenny
Detecting, Measuring, and Testing Dyadic Patterns in the Actor–Partner Interdependence Model

David Kenny and Thomas Ledermann
The Social Relations Model

David Kenny and Lawrence La Voie
He Said, She Said a Quasi-Signal Detection Analysis of Daily Interactions between Close Relationship Partners

Shelly Gable, Harry Reis and Geraldine Downey
The Truth and Bias Model of Judgment

Tessa West and David Kenny
In Search of Underlying Dimensions: The Use (and Abuse) of Factor Analysis in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin

Daniel Russell
Mean and Covariance Structures (MACS) Analyses of Cross-Cultural Data: Practical and Theoretical Issues

Todd Little
Social Network Analysis
Network Analysis in the Social Sciences

Stephen Borgatti et al.
Dynamic Spread of Happiness in a Large Social Network: Longitudinal Analysis over 20 Years in the Framingham Heart Study

James Fowler and Nicholas Christakis

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