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"Miss, I don’t give a sh*t"

"Miss, I don’t give a sh*t"
Engaging with challenging behaviour in schools

September 2021 | 184 pages | Corwin UK

Do you want to be an inspiring teacher for everyone you teach, even the trickier cherubs in your class? Or maybe you just want to get through a lesson without a desk flying at you or a blazer being set alight?

In this down-to-earth book Adele Bates shares practical approaches, strategies and tips from the classroom on how to help pupils with behavioural needs thrive with their education. Packed full of real-life classroom scenarios, student voice and relevant theory, every chapter offers an Action Box helping you to implement these strategies – next lesson, next week and long term. 

From relationship building and teaching self-regulation, to fostering inclusivity, paying attention to your own self-care and schoolwide approaches, Adele Bates unpicks some of the most difficult aspects of being a teacher and empowers you to grow as a confident classroom professional.

Chapter 1: “Miss, you look sh*t”: Boundaries, negotiations and care – for you
Chapter 2: “Miss, there’s no way I’m coming to your class”: Safety first (learning second)
Chapter 3: “Miss, you are not my Mum”: Building Relationship
Chapter 4: “Miss, you don’t even know me”: See the child, not the behaviour
Chapter 5: “Miss, but I am being quiet”: Explicitly teaching behaviour and self-regulation
Chapter 6: “Miss, you are the worst teacher ever”: Don’t take it personally
Chapter 7: “Miss, I’m too thick to be in this class”: Inclusivity, belonging and bias
Chapter 8: “Miss, do you live in this classroom?”: Be part of a team
Chapter 9: “Miss, this school is dead”: Schoolwide approaches to behaviour
Chapter 10: “Miss, do you actually know what you’re doing?”: Troubleshooting

A humorously-written book detailing all you need to know about creating effective relationships in the classroom and revolutionising the way we view teaching and learning.

FJ King
Teacher and KS4 Lead

Looking for a breath of fresh air when it comes to behaviour management? Look no further. With wit and wisdom, passion and compassion, Adele Bates not only puts the relationships between teacher and young person at the heart of the educational endeavour, but also gives that young person a voice.

Ian Gilbert
Founder, Independent Thinking

This book offers an in-depth, detailed and nuanced overview of the subject of behaviour, with a particular focus on building relationships, helping pupils to feel safe and on teacher self-care. It is a must read book for all teachers, and will be particularly helpful for those working in the most challenging contexts, staff in alternative provision and those working with children who have SEND and SEMH.

Sue Cowley
Internationally renowned teacher trainer and author of over 30 books on education

Adele Bates has written a highly readable book brimming with practical ideas, exuberant optimism and encouragement of experimentation. She urges practitioners to see beyond the so-called bad behaviour to the human being in context. This is a book that celebrates the importance of reflection, empathy and care,  including the all vital task of self-care. 

Melissa Benn
Writer and education campaigner

I found the book very accessible and easy to read. It has lots of useful advice which is both thought provoking and also relatable to the classroom. I also found the structure of each chapter very helpful, including the action boxes and suggestions for further reading.

Mrs Caroline Capper
Department of Education, York University
July 6, 2022

Does not have enough info in of relevance for our students

Mrs Claire Carkin
Healthcare, Nursing & Social Work, City College Norwich
March 31, 2022

Fantastic 'real as it is' book.... So many tips to really engage learning and how to navigate the behaviour pathway. There is always a fine line between behaviour sanction and reward. Thankyou Adelle for putting real perspective into your work.

Ms lisa oneill
Education, City College Norwich
December 10, 2021

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