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Motivation and Emotion

Motivation and Emotion
Evolutionary, Physiological, Cognitive, and Social Influences

September 1998 | 488 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
I think this author does a very good job of covering the material. The writing style is consistently clear and direct and interesting. Research findings are clearly presented and clearly explained.' - Ronald R Ulm, Salisbury State Universit

How does culture affect our eating? Is love `natural' to humans? Is anger always at the root of aggressive behaviours? Aimed at unravelling the mysteries of human motivation and emotion, the author of this book explores the evolutionary, physiological, social and cognitive factors that shape motivational behaviour from anger to sex to work and play.

David C Edwards provides the best of contemporary findings and summarizes how past research contributes to current thought. Within each topically organized chapter, which all begin with a concise overview statement and end with a personal summary, the author highlights material of special importance and concludes major sections with a summary. Each chapter also ends with a set of questions that will help student readers.

Book structure did not fit a motivation and emotion course taking self-determination theory knowledge into account

Mr Julien Bureau
Psychology, Universite De Montreal
October 2, 2014

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