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My Myanmar Years

My Myanmar Years
A Diplomat’s Account of India’s Relations with the Region

First Edition

November 2015 | 256 pages | SAGE India

An ambassador’s account of India’s relations with one of her oldest engaging neighbours—Myanmar

The Indian legendary texts call it Suvarna Bhumi or the Golden Land; its colonial masters called it Burma and its military government renamed it as Myanmar. Whatever the name might be, the country has long been in India’s cultural, historical and political consciousness. Essentially a foreign policy document, this book deals in detail with the geostrategic importance and relevance of Myanmar to India’s Look East Policy, as narrated by India’s ambassador to Myanmar during 1990–92. It is partly anecdotal and partly historical in nature, providing a first-hand account of Myanmar’s political turbulence and India’s changing policies under three different governments.  

Foreword by M. Hamid Ansari
A Rough Landing: 1990
Let’s Go to History First
The Rice Bowl of the British Empire
Burma, the Hermit Republic!
From Nehru to Rajiv
Of Mistrust, Mutual Discord and Disenchantment
The Security Issue and the Indian Approach: 1992
China in between India and Myanmar: 1991–1992
Thawing of Relations: 1992–2010
Getting Closer, but not Claustrophobic
Developments after the 2008 Constitution
Myanmar in the Post-2010 Election Period
The Position of the Ethnic Minorities
Internal Conflict and the Security Issue
The Bigger Brother: China in Myanmar
China–Myanmar Relations: 1948–1988
India–China–Myanmar Matrix: Post 1988
President Thein Sein and the Changing Face of Myanmar
The Economic Future of Myanmar
Of Burma’s Past and Myanmar’s Future

The book covers a phase in India–Myanmar relations on which not much work has been published. It provides useful insights into Myanmar’s relationships with India and China….  Ambassador Preet Malik’s book substantially contributes to the literature on Indo-Myanmar ties.

Indian Quarterly,
Volume 72 (Issue 3), September 2016

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