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News and Sexuality

News and Sexuality
Media Portraits of Diversity

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December 2005 | 328 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The Accrediting Council of Educators in Journalism and Mass Communications (ACEJMC) recently added sexual orientation to its revised diversity standards. This means that journalism schools seeking accreditation or re-accreditation must develop a curriculum that fosters an understanding of issues and perspectives that is inclusive in terms of gender, race, ethnicity – and sexual orientation. This volume, containing original material written for this text, is designed to satisfy the requirement by the ACEJMC that all journalism departments teach sexual diversity. Moving from description, to analysis, to application, the text includes the history of media coverage of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (GLBTI) issues; and coverage of important contemporary issues in the news, such as "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," the rise of GLBTI families, and AIDS.

News and Sexuality is a practical teaching tool that will help educators meet these new accreditation standards by addressing these complex and often controversial issues, providing additional resources, discussion questions, suggested homework assignments, and a glossary of terms. Student journalists must be equipped to bring a general knowledge of sexual diversity issues to the table as part of their professional education repertoire. And any adult who consumes media messages, whether or not they work in media, also must be able to spot inaccurate or biased reporting

Key Features:

Moves from description, to analysis, to application, putting issues and episodes into context.

All readings are original and written for this text.

Contains student study guides within each chapter with resources, including websites, books, and videos.

Concludes each chapter with discussion questions, assignments, and activities that bring the issues to life for students.

Chapter-opening photographs highlight key historical and contemporary events in news media coverage of sexual diversity.

Includes a style guide prepared by the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association

Clare Sears
Chapter 1: A Tremendous Sensation: Cross-Dressing in the Nineteenth Century San Francisco Press
Kevin Menken
Chapter 2: Life as a Drag Ball: Gay Men and Lesbians in the Media: 1920-1942
Marc J. W. de Jong
Chapter 3: From Invisibility to Subversion: Lesbian and Gay Representation in the News Media During the 1950's
Rodger Streitmatter
Chapter 4: The Oliver Sipple Story: A Case Study in Homophobia
John Watson
Chapter 5: Publications of a Dangerous Tendency
Jamel Bell
Chapter 6: Framing the AIDS Epidemic: From "Homo" genous Deviance to Widespread Panic
Willow Arune
Chapter 7: Transgender Images in the Media
Thomas M. Conroy
Chapter 8: The "Moral" Right vs. the "Queer" Left: Claims-Making by Religious Conservative and Gay Activists at the 1992 Republican Convention and Beyond
Kim Pearson
Chapter 9: Small Murders: Rethinking News Coverage of Hate Crimes Against GLBT People
Rhonda Gibson
Chapter 10: Media Coverage of the U.S. Ban on Gays in the Military
Sine Anahita
Chapter 11: Same-Sex Marriage in Cultural and Historical Context: A Guide for Beginning Journalists
Damien W. Riggs
Chapter 12: Proving the Case: Psychology, Subjectivity, and Representations of Gay and Lesbian Parents in the Media
Rhonda Gibson
Chapter 13: From Zero to 24/7: Images of Sexual Minorities on Television
NLGJA Stylebook / Glossary
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A helpful text to supplement additonal resources on the topic.

Sasha Pleasance
Care & Learning Opportunities, South Devon College
February 25, 2015

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