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Ongoing Crisis Communication

Ongoing Crisis Communication
Planning, Managing, and Responding

Fifth Edition (International Student Edition)

January 2019 | SAGE Publications, Inc

Providing an integrated approach to crisis communication that spans various disciplines and the entire crisis management process, the fifth edition of Ongoing Crisis Communication uses a three-stage approach to crisis management – pre-crisis, crisis and post-crisis. W. Timothy Coombs draws on first-hand experience in the field, explaining how crisis management can prevent or reduce the threats of a crisis and providing guidelines for how best to act and react in an emergency situation. The fifth edition includes new coverage of social media, social networking sites and terrorist threats and draws upon recent work from management, public relations, organizational psychology, marketing, organizational communication, and computer-mediated communication research.

Chapter 1. A Need for More Crisis Management Knowledge
Chapter 2. Risk as the Foundation for Crisis Management and Crisis Communication
Chapter 3. The Crisis Mitigation Process: Building Crisis Resistant Organizations
Chapter 4. Crisis Preparing: Part I
Chapter 5. Crisis Preparing: Part II
Chapter 6. Recognizing Crises
Chapter 7. Crisis Responding
Chapter 8. Postcrisis Concerns
Appendix: Possible Case Studies
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